Regina King’s New Bangs Are The Best Way To Show Off Her Lush Curls

The coolest cut.

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images
Regina King long braids

Regina King is the rare style star who can effortlessly balance a knockout outfit with a noteworthy beauty look at the exact same time — one never overpowers the other. She’s always had enviable range, but the actor’s really taken it all to the next level over the past few years. Is it any wonder she’s a friend and muse of Louis Vuitton, a permanent front row guest at every show? In fact, King’s new curly bangs made their debut at one such runway presentation, the fashion house’s star-studded Pre-Fall 2024 show in Shanghai. What better place to show off the dramatic and downright ethereal haircut that not only frames King’s face beautifully, but shows off her stunning natural curl pattern so well?

King turned up at the China show in a futuristic take on the academic aesthetic, complete with a gray miniskirt, padded wool moto jacket, and cube-shaped handbag. Her signature cat-eye makeup added a subtly sultry factor, paired with a shiny nude manicure in a soft almond shape. It all may pale in comparison to her hair, though. Her tight, glossy curls, free-flowing tendrils, and wispy bangs dress up an otherwise straightforward ponytail, making the classic hairstyle feel downright fresh.

Yanshan Zhang/Getty Images

The key to King’s look is in the pony’s loosely-fashioned nature and low positioning, as well as with the freestanding pieces pulled out around her face. It adds a casual undercurrent to her sharp, buttoned-up outfit, and just allows more opportunity to get a good look at her glossy curls.

It must be mentioned, though, that bangs aren’t anything new for King. She’s worn virtually every type, length, and style of fringe over the years, including as part of a long, straight updo just weeks ago. It is a rarer sight, however, to see them paired with what looks like her natural curls. It’s a stunning combination, one that should inspire plenty of other curly girls to get the chop for themselves. The eyebrow-grazing, wispier nature of this set is particularly rife for recreation. They’re not as heavy as a a thicker, blunter set, which is great for maintaining spiral shapes.

The time to experiment with bangs is now, before the weather starts really heating up — after all, it’s what King would do.