Celebrities Love Silver Nails For Moments When They Want Shine Extra-Bright

So shimmery.

Lester Cohen/Getty Images
Megan Fox silver chrome nails Grammys 2023

Whether a solid shade of polish or incorporated into some creative nail art, silver manicures are often so luxe that they look more like platinum. They’re a stunning choice for everyday, of course, but look around for celebrity silver nail ideas and you’ll notice that the sparkly shade is often reserved for major career moments and their highest-profile events — the Oscars, near-and-dear charity fundraisers, blockbuster movie premieres. It’s easy to see why, too. With so many different finishes that completely change the color’s look, silver can easily be channeled into an extra-festive, glitter-covered manicure or turned into a more subdued chrome that offers just a hint of metallic glam.

Silver nails are elegant any time of year, though winter really amplifies its icy appeal. Wear a manicure in the color out to a holiday party this season and you’ll instantly evoke images of shimmering snow, sparkling cocktails, disco balls, and glittery gift wrapping. Maximize the metallic finishes with a detailed design like Cardi B’s Chrome Hearts homage or stick to something simple like Zendaya’s platinum polish — no matter what sort of silver you choose, shining is a given.

Ahead, get inspired by the coolest silver nail ideas celebrities are loving right now.

Jennifer Lopez


Silver glitter’s appeal is extra obvious next to diamond jewelry — and Lopez is wearing enough of it to sell anyone on the manicure. It’s kept incredibly subtle though, concentrated on the outermost tips of her long, almond-shaped nails.

Margot Robbie


Chrome’s three-year reign as a top celebrity favorite shows no sign of ending, and its thanks to manicures like Robbie’s. Her own nails, buffed into a soft squoval shape, are immaculately groomed and so glossy, the thin strips of silver chrome playing up their natural charm.



Jisoo’s long, elegant nails feature a silver so metallic, it looks practically liquid in her mirror selfie. One of the coolest aspects of the color is how vast the finish spectrum is — a holographic silver made with iridescent shimmer is lightyears away from Jisoo’s steely chrome, for example.

Charlize Theron


Contrasting silver nails with gold jewelry makes getting in on the mixed metals trend too easy. Theron’s set looks like actual metal, an icy complement to the yellow-gold Dior rings encircling each finger.

Kourtney Kardashian


Silver glitter French manicures like Kardashian’s are sure to be everywhere this holiday season, especially New Year’s Eve. The spangly tips catch the light for some delicate shimmer that doesn’t feel too overwhelming or committal.

Anne Hathaway

Mark Cuthbert/UK Press/Getty Images

Minimalist, abstract nail art seems to be the name of the game right now — Hathaway’s barely-there design proves why. All done right there on her natural nails, silver shapes decorate alternating nails for a bit of extra fun.

Cardi B


There is nail art, and then there are nail masterpieces. When Cardi B took this photo with her Jenny Bui-designed Chrome Hearts manicure next to an actual keychain from the brand, the set’s impressive attention to detail can be fully appreciated.

Gabrielle Union


For the luxe and low-key, Union’s silver polish balances the perfect amount of sparkle — it’s not glittery, an important distinction. She also proves the mixed metal approach can easily extend to a dress-nail pairing — her gold gown is stunning.

Megan Fox

Lester Cohen/Getty Images

Fun fact: Fox’s incredibly lavish 2023 Grammys manicure was actually 14-karat white gold. Nail artist Britteny Boyce worked with Marrow Fine Jewelry to 3D scan the metal to fit gel extension tips, then inlaid each silvery nail with 150 white diamonds.

Megan Thee Stallion


It’s hard to pick one thing to focus on when everything about Megan Thee Stallion’s silver, square manicure is so cool. There’s the extended length, of course, and the trendy boxy shape, but the best part might be the way the platinum glitter ombré segues right into chrome French tips.


Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

Texture is one way to make a silver manicure feel even more decadent, just like Zendaya’s nails at the 2022 Oscars. The foiled polish plays off the star’s sequin-encrusted skirt and stacks of diamond bangles.