Side Bangs Are Back In A Big Way, But They’re Remixed For The 2020s

Better than ever, too.

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Dua Lipa side bangs

It’s time to get a little real. Despite how many wonderful things came out of the 2000s, the decade probably yielded just as many questionable trends — especially across fashion and beauty. It was the era of excessive spray tans, concealer-like lipsticks, and and ultra-plucked brows, and not even the biggest stars were immune. The idea of an early aughts hair craze coming back around into vogue might send a chill up your spine, but the latest throwback look to latch on with A-listers might actually be the best one of all. Celebrity side bangs are popping up everywhere once again, equally influential with big names across of all ages across the entire industry.

Part of the reason side bangs are so beloved — and seem to be less polarizing than even their classic, blunt-cut counterparts — is their universal appeal. Plenty of people don’t like how they look in a more severe fringe or simply don’t want to commit to the style long-term. Side bangs, though, tend to run a little longer, are easier to blend in with the rest of hair, and glorify truly every face shape out there. The 2024 to wear the cut is even longer than the original look, and often less defined and severe. This opens the door to all sorts of styling possibilities — and makes the grow-out process just a few weeks long.

Ahead, get acquainted (or re-acquainted as the case may be) with the side bangs craze.

Cardi B

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If you already have a straight-across fringe, then congratulations — that means you already have side bangs too. To unlock a totally new look, Cardi B simply brushed her long, lash-length hair to the one side, allowing just a small triangle of forehead to peek out.

Anok Yai

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The biggest change between side bangs of yore and the newest version is so many stars in 2024 are simply simulating the look rather than fully going for it with the scissors. At the Met Gala, Yai simply flipped her short, sleek haircut over to one side, allowing the shorter pieces to fan out like a fringe.

Reese Witherspoon

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Witherspoon loves to switch up her hair part, which makes her look totally different at every angle. When she wants to indulge in the fun of side bangs, she arranges her butter-blonde hair just a few degrees off from her ear and swoops that section to curve forward toward her eye.

Simone Ashley

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Longer side bangs open the door to all sorts of styling opportunities, like Ashley’s slicked-down look at the Bridgerton premiere. The extra-long fringe cuts down diagonally across her forehead like the 2000s style did, but is long enough to be elegantly tucked behind one ear.

Taylor Swift

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Swift is practically synonymous with the blunt, fluffy bangs she’s had for over a decade. But toward the tail end of 2023, she started arranging them in a curved, side-sweeping style. Her hair is like the ultimate harbinger of bang trends — if a craze is strong enough to make her switch up her signature style, you know it’s here to stay.

Eva Longoria

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Blowouts are such a glamorous way to show off side-bangs of all lengths, including the modern, extra-long versions. Longoria’s glossy, very loose waves spill down around her shoulders, allowing fans to fully appreciate the shorter, sharper layer up top.

Lily Collins

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They’re a true trademark of the early 2000s, yes, but side bangs go back much further than the TRL era. When Collins debuted this short, retro bob, she added a pair of flipped-out side bangs that feel more than a little ‘40s flair.

Meryl Streep

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Perhaps the celebrity with the truest-to-form take on side bangs so far, Streep’s fringe is short, swooped, and given just enough height for added vibrance. They rest along the top of her glasses, further emphasizing their curved shape.

Kelly Rowland

Amy Sussman/WireImage/Getty Images

You can go for side-bangs with a heavier, more opaque look, or you can go the wispy route — Rowland makes an excellent case for the latter. Her fringe is staggered and piece-y, making them look so light and bouncy.

Dua Lipa

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Consider it the modern, more elegant version of that emo kid cut from the MySpace days. Lipa’s bangs are still long enough to hide an eye behind — classic 2004 profile picture material — but feel so sophisticated blended with her long waves.