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Antonia Gentry Shares Her Low-Maintenance Curl Routine

Plus, all of the products in her medicine cabinet.

TZR; Courtesy of Aveda

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In TZR’s Face Time, celebrities and tastemakers share the nitty-gritty details of their beauty and wellness routines — from holy-grail products to non-negotiable treatments.

When Antonia Gentry isn’t filming the hit Netflix series Ginny & Georgia, you’ll find her attending fashion weeks across the globe, sitting front row at top shows like Dior and Givenchy. So when the actor does have time off, she understandably likes to keep her beauty routine low-key, including caring for her curls. Gentry says she’s finally been able to master an easy wash day regimen as a result of partnering with Aveda for the launch of its Advanced Curl Line. The collection of products is designed to nurture and style waves, curls, and coils.

Hair aside, Gentry’s approach to skin care and off-duty makeup is also refreshingly relatable. She likes to focus on using gentle yet effective formulas — Caudalie and La Roche-Posay are among her favorites — that perform and complexion products that offer natural finishes (she likes Armani and Dior concealers because her freckles show through).

Ahead, the actor gives TZR an entire rundown of her beauty routine, including the essentials she keeps stocked in her medicine cabinet.

On Her Morning Skin Care Routine


“I’ll usually wake up with some residual makeup on my face. I’m actually really bad about fully washing my makeup off at night. I usually just use a Neutrogena wipe and hope for the best. So in the morning I’ll use Clinique’s eye makeup remover if there’s any leftover mascara [on my lashes] which usually there is. Then I go in with a Caudalie cleanser because it’s quite gentle and it helps remove the rest of the remaining makeup. If I have a breakout, I’ll use a face wash from La Roche-Posay because it helps treat any acne spots and things like that. I’m really loving the Westman Atelier Skin Activator Serum, so I’ll put that on next. Then I use a Caudalie moisturizer and I finish off with sunscreen. I either use the Shiseido Clear Sunscreen Stick, or in the summer, if I’m going to be outside in the sun, I’ll use the La Roche-Posay SPF 100, which works great.”

On Her Nighttime Skin Care Routine

“If I’m actually following through with a real routine, I fully wash my face. But a lot of times I don’t wear makeup during the day. When I’m not working I try not to put a lot on my skin. After I wash my face, I go in with a retinol serum. I have three different ones in my cabinet right now, so I’ll use one of those. Then I have an LED red light mask from Therabody that I use for a couple of minutes. Afterwards, I apply a moisturizer. I like the one by La Mer because it’s nice and thick so it’s great for overnight.”

On Her Makeup Must-Haves


“If I do put makeup on, usually I just go in with a concealer unless it’s nighttime and I’m getting ready to go out. I’ll either use Armani or Dior. I’ll apply it where I need it, typically on my chin — because I’ll have some marks or blemishes — and under my eyes. But I don’t use too much because I have freckles and I like them to show through. The other main products are the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel and I use the Benefit Cosmetics brow pencil to fill in any gaps on my brows. I’ll use any mascara that’s lying around in my bathroom. I don’t have a favorite, I just grab whichever one is closest to me. For lips, I like browns and warmer-toned shades. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll go in with a Chanel lipstick that’s hydrating. I’m obsessed with Dior Glow if I want a gloss. It’s all really low-maintenance.”

On Her Hair Routine

“On wash day I go in first with the Aveda Be Curly Advanced Shampoo. I absolutely love the Be Curly Advanced Intensive Curl Perfecting Masque from the collection — it’s very nourishing and it makes my hair feel like butter. So I use that next and let it sit in my hair while I’m in the shower. After about three minutes, I’ll brush it through my ends, detangle my hair, and rinse it out. Then my hair is ready for styling, which is also very simple now. I’ve never been able to say that before because I used to try a bunch of different products at once. Next, I’ll spritz on the Be Curly Advanced Curl Perfecting Primer and run it through my hair. Then my hair is all ready for my favorite product from the line, the Be Curly Advanced Curl Enhancer Cream. I only need just a little bit of it because my hair is very fine, and since it’s lightweight, it’s good for me. I run that through my hair and scrunch and finger coil my curls. The last step is diffusing my hair, which I really hate doing because it takes 20 to 30 minutes. This routine allows me to have shiny, bouncy curls without it being too crunchy or weighed down. My hair lasts for quite a few days before I have to do a reset, which I’m quite happy about.”

On Her Wellness Routine

“When I’m stressed, especially at night when I’m unwinding, I like to drink a lavender chamomile tea. I’ve gotten into the routine of doing little things that make me feel better, whether that’s drawing a bath or lighting candles. Otherwise I like to sit with my cat and drink tea or wine and watch a movie.”