Cardi B & Kulture’s Mother-Daughter Manicures Are So Sweet — & Very Trendy

They’re so different, too.

cardi b rainbow nails

No one will argue that a pared-down, simple-and-sophisticated manicure can look amazing in the summer — delicate French tips, pearl manicures, and glossy nudes in every shade are versatile, elegant choices for the heat. But really, can any of them compare to the sheer summertime power of unapologetically bold neon nails? When the sun’s beating down and the temperatures turn up, the only thing to do is match the intensity with a loud, proud manicure shade of your own. And if you need the perfect place to start, consider Cardi B’s neon nails, as her latest look all but guaranteed heads would with every hand-waving expression. But, of course, this is Cardi B — a classic neon is too run-of-the-mill for the Invasion of Privacy rapper, so she opted for a pale, DayGlo green that’s almost as captivating as she is.

Cardi’s set is a relatively new one, which means she was likely ruminating on that color selection for a while. The Grammy-winning star likes to keep all of her manicures around for at least a few weeks at a time — unheard of in the world of celebrity, but it just adds even more credence to Cardi’s bright green shade choice. If it’s versatile enough for the Grammy-winner and her enviable closet of brights and prints, surely it can fit into any wardrobe.

In the first photos featuring Cardi B’s neon nails, that alien-green shade looks deceptively blue, almost the color of the turquoise quilted Chanel slung crossbody style over her turtleneck tank and cheeky denim Daisy Duke cutoffs. But shift the carousel a few images down and watch her manicure totally transform — as Cardi raps along to her own new hit single in the back of a car, her nails are deliciously bright and actually outright luminous as she waves them through the dark.

Cardi and Kulture’s mother-daughter manicures.@iamcardib

In the days that followed her big night out, the neon green nails were spotted on her Instagram Stories on a jet, cooking dinner, and spending time with her adorable children. In fact, on the Fourth of July, Cardi even shared that her daughter, Kulture, recently got a pretty fabulous manicure of her own and taught her how to show it off in one seriously sweet Story tile. Based on her intricate, baby- and candy-pink set, it looks like Kulture’s already learned so much from her mom. Just wait for her Grammys debut — should be any year now.