Are Selena Gomez's Monochrome Manicures Signaling The End Of The Nail Art Trend?

She’s on a roll with the statement colors, though.

Selena Gomez on boat in Italy

Despite her over-the-top tour costumes, approximately 12 simultaneous career ventures, and more influence than some world leaders, Selena Gomez is a woman who likes to keep things pretty simple beauty-wise. Often, you can find her in easy, sophisticated classics like deep painted lips, sleek buns, winged liquid liner, and even one-color manicures — a legitimate standout in an absolute sea of elaborate summertime nail art styles. That forever in-style streak continues this week as Gomez’s neon red nails, paired with a series of matching accessories, took over Instagram and TikTok’s comment sections with fans dying to know exactly what shade she’s into now.

Last we saw of Gomez’s nails, she was showing off a stunning lime green, coffin-shaped manicure. Polished by top Hollywood manicurist Tom Bachik, the glowing, neon nails were part of Gomez’s LA’MARIETTE swimsuit collab photoshoot. But this new color, also expertly applied by Bachik's steady hand, is equally eye-catching yet even more versatile. Even the color alone, hovering somewhere between a warm-toned red and traffic cone orange (in a great way), is simple enough to not completely pull focus from the rest of Gomez's look while still making a definitive statement — even if that statement is just, "I have excellent nails, see?"


Fortunately, the ever-generous Bachik shared the exact shade of polish he used for Gomez’s tropical, summery manicure: Papaya by Bio Seaweed Gel. Taking a break from the long, coffin-shaped silhouette she used for the LA’MARIETTE shoot, Gomez and Bachik settled on these ultra-natural rounded tips, which look like they might even be her natural nails with no extensions.

But what really sent Gomez fans over the edge was what she paired the nails with. For a TikTok video, Gomez donned a cherry red crewneck sweatshirt, bright red lips, a classic red Coke can, and lip-synched along to one very appropriate sound: “So you can read his astrological chart but you can’t read the red flags?” she mouthed, looking into the camera. Red flags, never. Red nails, always.

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