Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Have The Same Taste In Sneakers

The real question is: who influenced who?

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Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds wearing Nike sneakers.
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Blake Lively’s preferred shoes — whether it be for a casual outing with her husband or attending a red carpet event — are sneakers. For instance, the actor wore high-tops underneath her dress to the Free Guy movie premiere and she loves to rock her Nike Air Max 1s while running errands. It seems her partner Ryan Reynolds, too, shares the same preference as her when it comes to comfortable footwear. On Nov. 2, Lively and Reynolds both matched in Nike sneakers while on a daytime stroll together in New York City. The duo resembled the main characters of a rom-com as they linked arms and were bundled up for the fall weather.

For the brisk afternoon, Lively tapped into the corduroy trend with her beige Moncler Daos puffer jacket. She paired her trendy outerwear with light-blue jeans and a pair of Nike Air Max 90 NRG sneakers. Meanwhile, Reynolds wore an olive-green newsboy cap that matched his dark green jacket. Similarly to his wife, he wore denim bottoms — but in a dark blue shade — and a pair of light brown Nike Air Max kicks.

Fans might be used to seeing the two all loved up on the red carpet and in glamorous ensembles, but for their off-duty days the pair are secretly sneakerheads. (In addition to Nikes, Reynolds owns a pair of limited edition Denham x Nike Air Max shoes. Meanwhile, you can find all types of sneaker labels in Lively’s wardrobe, including but not limited to Adidas, Converse, and New Balance.)


Everyone has heard of coordinating couple outfits like you wearing identical T-shirts or sleek matching leather jackets with your partner. However, if you’re a duo who prefers to match in footwear, start by rocking the same shoe brand first. Lively’s exact Nikes are still available to shop and come in two different colors: pink polka dot and a black/white version. While the exact style of Reynolds’ Air Max kicks are unknown at the moment, the Nike Air Max 90 Off-White Desert Ore, below, comes close to his design.

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