Beyoncé’s Silver Siren Eyes Are The 2022 Way To Do Disco Makeup

Get into the groove.

Beyonce disco ball renaissance makeup

Between the visuals, photoshoots, remixes, related artwork, and the music itself, Beyoncé’s Renaissance album is the gift that keeps on giving, even weeks after its initial drop. Even the private celebrations for the release end up delivering more content than some do in entire album cycles. Beyoncé’s silver siren eyes, featuring metallic eyeliner carefully painted on her upper lids, are the perfect example of the meticulous detail she puts into her projects — the album’s disco themes are reflected everywhere from cadence and song samples to the makeup at Renaissance events. The wildest part is this is only the first installment in the legend’s three-act Renaissance trilogy — there’s no telling what Beyoncé might do (or wear) next, and probably with very little warning.

The star-studded Club Renaissance party was attended by A-listers like Janelle Monáe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Donald Glover, and Chloë Bailey. Guests arrived in their silvery, spangled Studio 54 best, but it was the guest of honor’s custom look that really turned heads. Beyoncé’s makeup, peeking out from beneath her rhinestone-encrusted custom bodysuit with attached gloves and hood, is remarkable for its very modern nods to disco motifs — she doesn’t go full costume, which makes the look more original expression than straight-up homage.


The silver cat eyeliner is the only real shimmer in the makeup. Her lips feature a hint of illuminating golden tint but it’s blended well with the honey-taupe shade covering them. Even the actual eyeliner is more earth-toned than it seems at first. Based on the photos and videos she shared, the silver seems to be concentrated on the lids and blurs into a darker brown-black smoked-out wing at the very ends with a strip of long, curled lashes just beneath.


While it’s unclear exactly what creatives worked on Beyoncé’s makeup, there’s a solid chance this look is courtesy of her longtime artist, Sir John — he’s responsible for the incredible glitter-infused, avant-garde makeup in her latest British Vogue spread, too. Hair-wise, Bey stayed true to her warm honey-bronde shade, with brightening highlights strategically placed by celebrity colorist Rita Hazan. A reworking of her signature “shadow highlights” technique, Hazan’s new “spotlight blonde” trick helps Beyoncé’s blonder pieces catch the light and reflect it down on her like a spotlight — or a halo, you might say.