Chlöe Bailey’s Hair Rings Are Quickly Becoming Summer’s Must-Have Accessory

Put a ring on it.

Chloe Bailey hair rings pink outfit

This summer, hair accessories might just be the most exciting they’ve ever been. Regardless of if you’re more of a minimalist or into more-is-more playfulness this season, there are endless styles of scarves, headbands, ribbons, clips, beads, and bands all designed to level up any hairstyle — be it complicated or pared-down and simple. In fact, one of the easiest ways to make it look like you’ve spent real time on your hair (or to easily switch it up between events and engagements) is to pop a few eye-catching accessories into an otherwise straightforward style. Take Chlöe Bailey’s hair rings for instance — her long, hip-grazing hair has been in summery twist outs for a while now, but her actual hairstyles are endlessly versatile. She pulls the front up in a flowing half-pony, she gathers it all up into glamorous buns, and she adds gleaming gold hoops near the roots for added shine and opulence. If her buzzy music (and the accompanying music videos) hadn’t already cemented Bailey’s spot as a certified Gen Z it-girl, her talent for versatile beauty moments that all manage to align with her personal style certainly would.

Bailey uploaded a trio of photos to Instagram in which she’s sporting a collection of shiny gold hair rings on the five inches or so of twists closest to her scalp. With her hair casually thrown over her shoulder in a deep side part, the gold twinkles against the deep raven twists and matches the jewelry at her neck, ears, and fingers — they even appear to match her manicure.

It definitely wasn’t Bailey’s first time out with ultra-opulent hair jewelry, either. Earlier this year alone, Bailey did a photoshoot in which she wore glittering trails of gold chains that dripped down from her hairline like bangs, another for which she donned diamond-like crystals all through her locs, and accessorized a power ponytail with crisscrossing metallic wire wrap. Bailey might be the best around at hair jewelry, but she’s not the only one having fun with the look. Kerry Washington might be known as Hollywood’s manicure queen, but she’s also got a reputation for dressing up her own braids with wooden beads, dainty gold wires, hoops, and assorted charms. Janelle Monae has added tiny rhinestones, luxe pearl clusters, and hoops to their braids, too, while Zendaya, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ariana Grande have all also experimented with little hair cuffs and rings.

Hair beads and charms of all sorts definitely aren’t a trend — they’ve been a staple in Black beauty for decades now, though hoops and rings are a relatively newer way to add some extra flair. To add in your own hair rings, look for styles specially made for the hair rather than a traditional hoop earring — hair-centric versions are easier to release and remove, meaning there’s much less chance of snags, tangles, and ripping. Unlike a bead, which typically lays flatter against hair with no exposed loops, the nature of hoops makes them easier to catch so avoid that headache (quite literally) by removing your hair hoops each evening before bed. For summer, consider looking for hair rings with dangling charms, like bits of season-perfect turquoise, seashells, or miniature crystals. Not only will they stand in excellent contrast to the hair itself (particularly if you opt for a bold color) but the movement of the charms as you go about your day will add shine, texture, and tons of interest. Shop some of the trendiest styles below.

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