Beyoncé’s Artist Series With Peloton Is Back — And Bigger Than Ever

It’s going to be iconic.

Beyoncé / Instagram

In the fall of 2020, fitness company Peloton announced a multi-year partnership with Beyoncé. The news had fans going wild — and being that the singer-songwriter was then the most-requested artist by the brand’s global community, it’s no surprise that the collaboration was a hit. It’s also no surprise that Peloton is keeping the partnership going in a big way. In fact, the exercise platform just announced its latest installment of the Beyoncé Artist Series, which launches Oct. 19 as Peloton's most extensive one to date.

In all, the new chapter will include 72 hours of content, with 17 classes over a three-day period. It will be streamed globally from Peloton Studios New York and the new Peloton Studios London. In addition to live classes, content will include daily on-demand workouts across modalities like Cycling, Tread, and Tread Bootcamp, in addition to off-equipment offerings including Strength, Barre, Stretching, and an Outdoor Run and Walk. And for the first time ever, users will be able to access content in three languages — English, German, and Spanish.

According to the brand, this part of the series “explores the relationship between our inner and outer power, how we harness motivation and source our strength with inspiration from the world around us, and from within.” Thus, content will focus on encouraging Peloton members to expand their minds and challenge their bodies.

"The Beyoncé Artist Series allows you to mentally draw deeply from internal and external places of power and this is the soundtrack that will transport you," said Peloton's Head of Music Gwen Bethel Riley in a press release. "We are honored to have designed a new series of classes that elevate movement and music on the Peloton platform. This empowering message will motivate our community to show up for each other and for themselves."

The new content isn’t the only way in which this iconic partnership is expanding, however. This fall, Beyoncé and Peloton will gift the fitness facilities of 10 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) with Peloton Bikes, building on the initiative’s commitment to “provide access to best-in-class fitness” and inspire “this generation of HBCU students to source their power, physically and mentally, through movement,” according to the brand. It also plans to continue more long-term recruiting partnerships across the internship, undergraduate, and graduate levels.

This installment of the partnership kicks off with a two-for-one ride live from Peloton Studios London, which you can access through the Peloton app. View the class schedule here, and then mark your calendars — you don’t want to miss this.