Beyoncé’s Latest Look Is Giving Serious ‘Hottest One At The Holiday Party’ Vibes

A Carter Christmas came early.

Everyone knows Beyoncé was born ahead of the curve. Legend has it that even her infant wails in the hospital's maternity ward hit at least seven octaves and probably harmonized with the other babies’ cries, too — destiny’s children if you will. So it makes perfect sense that while the rest of the world focuses on planning their Halloween looks, Beyoncé is already living two holidays ahead. New photos uploaded to her Instagram show the living legend decked out in glistening red, green, and black cocktail attire truly made for winter — in other words, Beyoncé’s holiday makeup has no competitors. A swirl of delicate shimmer, strategically-placed highlighter, and a statement red lip combine to form a look perfectly calibrated for the slew of winter holiday parties ahead. And luckily, by showing off the makeup now, Beyoncé’s giving everyone else plenty of time to learn how it’s done.

Dressed to the nines in support of husband Jay-Z’s film premiere for The Harder They Fall, Beyoncé’s emerald-and-black color-blocked gown featured a plunging halter, cinched waist, and a beautifully dramatic full skirt with a hip-skimming slit. Her green-accented diamond necklace almost certainly comes courtesy of Tiffany & Co., of which Bey and Jay are both global brand ambassadors — but it’s how her satin red lip plays off that green that really sets the glam holiday party scene.

Zoom in on the star’s makeup and you’ll see that it’s not just the red-and-green color scheme that makes it ideal for the holidays. If you were to straw-poll a hundred beautyphiles, most of them would identify shimmer and red lipstick as the most common elements in a classic holiday party look — and Beyoncé hit both of those points. In addition to her curled, upturned lashes that lend a doe-eyed effect to her eye makeup, the champagne-colored shimmer in her eyeshadow combines with warm brown shades to draw serious attention. But because the shades are largely neutral, they don’t risk overpowering her red lips. In that respect, Beyoncé also kept it classic with a vibrant satin finish in a slightly warm-toned hue. On her face, warm washes of bronzer helped lightly sculpt her jaw and cheekbones as a glistening dot of nose-tip highlighter tied the entire look together.


While it’s unclear exactly what products were used here (though keeping it locked on Sir John’s Instagram page might provide some clues soon), there are plenty of quality products that’ll deliver the exact effect. Can you practically hear the sleigh bells already?

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