Bella Hadid's Latest TikTok Proves This Eyeshadow Is Perfect For Color Blocking

Purple reign, all summer long.

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 12: Model Bella Hadid is seen leaving to the Michael Kors FW20 Runway ...

One of the reasons Bella Hadid is so beloved is how easy-going and down-to-earth she seems. Even from her perch as a generation-defining supermodel, Hadid isn’t above things like discussing body image issues, lending her voice to causes she cares for, and chatting with fans like they’re friends. TikTok, with its short-form videos and meme-prompting sounds, has proven to be the platform on which Hadid can most freely express herself. She plays around on set, shows off her spacious apartment, and wears some of her all-time coolest looks. Bella Hadid’s purple eyeshadow, seen in a string of her most recent TikToks, was a look for her latest Vogue shoot, but it also happens to be an ideal eye makeup style and color for that tricky spring-summer transition. Hadid’s TikTok proves once again that it might just be one of fashion and beauty’s most important platforms.

The model’s sparkly purple eye makeup can be seen in a few separate TikToks from different days — and though her outfits change (more on that in a sec, though), the consistent background, captions, and the makeup itself indicate that this is all from the same Vogue photoshoot. One of the videos, in particular, is even going viral for another reason — the purple eyeshadow-wearing Hadid shares where her glimmering, sequin-covered crochet crop top was from when asked by fans (it’s Coperni, BTW — here it is in dress form), smiling at the camera over Rihanna-narrated audio. With more than 12 million views, it’s one of her most popular TikToks to date.

A handful of subsequent TikToks by Hadid show the eye makeup — applied by industry pro Raisa Flowers — in even more detail, giving viewers a better look at the warm lilac around her crease with most of the sparkle concentrated on her actual lids. The rest of Hadid’s makeup looks relatively simple, with a few coats of mascara, a simple nude-ish lip tint, and plenty of light-catching glow on her famously chiseled cheekbones. What this makeup (and its placement around the eyes) does is so expertly blend spring colors with summertime finishes for an understated incorporation of both seasons. The powdery-light lilac shade used for much of it is pure springtime while the glowy, glossy sheen across her brow bone and cheeks recreates a summery flush.

Bella Hadid isn’t the only beauty-conscious celeb enjoying some seasonal purple makeup, though. Lizzo, queen of colorful makeup, showed off a spring-fresh purple-and-pink flower crown moment just last month, while Rihanna’s pearly periwinkle eyeshadow stole the show at Gucci’s MFW runway presentation. Part of the appeal is just how universally flattering the color is — brown and green eyes (like those belonging to Rih, Lizzo, and Hadid) are especially highlighted by some sort of purple.

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To get the Hadid-approved look, opt for a purple that’s on the warmer side to really fit that sunny, warm weather aesthetic. Keeping the finish more sheen-like than straight-up sparkly is also an easy hack (or you can combine the two as Hadid did), and also makes touchups easier. And, as is the case with all three celebs mentioned here, the rest of their face makeup is gently flushed and comparatively simple — think warmed cheeks, a glossy lip, and plenty of cream highlighter. Even in mid-2022, purple’s reigns on.

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