Bella Hadid Wore The Knitwear Accessory You Saw All Over Instagram To The Beach

Crochet all day.

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Bella Hadid wearing a multi-colored hat.
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Of all the DIY activities that the COVID-19 pandemic prompted — sourdough bread baking, homemade resin art, making your own tufted rugs — crochet seems to be the trending hobby that will stick around for the long haul. Crochet knitwear popped up in recent collections from the likes of Palomo Spain and Gabriela Hearst, and now knitted headwear, specifically, is taking fashion by storm. Bella Hadid’s recent crochet bucket hat is a quintessential example of this craftcore-inspired headwear look and proved the knitted style trend isn’t disappearing anytime soon.

The supermodel shared an Instagram carousel yesterday with a simple caption of a smiling emoji that mirrored her sun-soaked expression. She wore a brown velour tankini from Playboy and early whispers have already begun to circulate on whether Hadid’s tankini will lead to a resurgence of the throwback, midriff-covering style. In true Hadid fashion, her seaside outfit was accompanied by several maximalist pieces of jewelry. She wore her Gimaguas B alphabet necklace, Jennifer Fisher bangles, Versace’s Medusa-head chain, a birth year necklace from Mazza, and, of course, chunky rings from Le Manso. The pièce de résistance of Hadid’s look, however, was inarguably her multicolored crochet hat from it-Girl-approved brand Memorial Day.

Hadid is the latest fashionista to sport a knitted hat from the New York-based brand (Kaia Gerber, Ella Emhoff, and Reese Blutstein are all dedicated fans of Memorial Day). Coincidentally enough, headwear wasn’t founder Delsy Gouw’s first impulse for her business, but after receiving heaps of requests from followers, she decided to give hats a try. “I didn’t know how to make [hats], but knew I had to learn because of this huge demand. I ended up doing a crochet workshop with my friend and that’s when I made my first hat,” shares Gouw in an interview with TZR. “It was not good at all, but from there I kept making appropriate adjustments until it was the exact fit I wanted!”

Gouw acknowledges the larger trend of craftcore in fashion, but hopes a design as thoughtfully elaborate as crochet is not just a temporary whim. “I really hope that it isn’t just a trend and that it stays forever. Crochet is truly so intricate and unique, as it can only be done by hand, and I think there is something special about having an accessory that is unique and handmade,” says Gouw. The artist also pointed toward a change in buying behaviors behind the cultural interest in crocheted pieces. “I think COVID-19 changed so much about how we think in terms of consumption. I know that I became super aware of my consumption and started only buying things that would last me long term,” adds the Brooklyn-based artist. “Having that mindset also pushed me to start creating and making things myself that I know will last me a long time.”

As for the emergence of the knit hat trend specifically, Gouw credited this to the accessory's seasonal versatility and inclusive sizing. “[Hats are] basically size-less and require less commitment. With garments, I think there are more things to consider like: Will it fit my body type? Will I be able to wear this as frequently? Is this too flashy for my liking? With accessories, they are pretty straightforward,” she says.

As Gouw mentioned and Hadid demonstrated, a crochet bucket hat is an easy way to join in on the handmade, knitted fun. You can keep an eye on Memorial Day’s Insta for its bi-weekly drops of one-of-a-kind pieces, or enter their current raffle to win crocheted items (an entry costs $10 and all proceeds go toward supporting the AAPI community). If you’re hoping to snag a bucket hat asap, below you’ll find other crochet toppers that were made with love.

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