Meet The Quirky-Cool Trend That Will Stick Around All Spring

The accessory is taking over Instagram.

The knit hat trend.

Quarantine has sparked plenty of new at-home hobbies. Maybe you picked up a paintbrush and tapped into your inner artist. Or, you might have transformed your kitchen into a bakery. For some, perfecting their knitting and crocheting skills even led to a business — which is why you're likely seeing the knit hat trend unexpectedly taking off on Instagram.

For Delsy Gouw, founder of Brooklyn-based label Its Memorial day, crocheting started out as a fun activity. "[It] originally started as an online Depop vintage shop [in 2019] but when Covid hit, I wasn’t able to source any goods," she tells TZR. "I also lost my job and found myself with a lot of time on my hands." Gouw picked up the old hobby of hers and began making items for friends, and then her friends' friends were requesting pieces, too. She then began crafting knit hats because she believed the demand was there. "I started with bags but when I posted them so many of my friends and followers asked when or if I’d be open to making hats and taking customs for hats," Gouw tells TZR. While trends typically fade away and come back later on, Gouw hopes this style will stay long-term. "[I] can’t speak for knitting, but the way crochet is done is truly so intricate, unique, and is made to last," she explains. "Crochet can only be done by hand so I think there is something special about having an accessory that is unique and handmade." Fans of Gouw's emerging brand include influencers like Reese Blutstein, Jo Rosenthal, and Ella Emhoff.

If you scroll through Depop and Etsy, you'll notice the breadth of sellers putting their own twist on cool knit hats. Depop shop Spools On Parade, launched by AnnaMarie Otor in June 2020 is another notable to check out. Otor's at-home Washington D.C. crochet business started out early on with handmade bucket hats. "What makes bucket hats fun to crochet for me are the endless possible patterns you can make them with -- you can have one with hearts, one with flowers, one with stars, pretty much whatever you want," she tells TZR on what led her to make the accessories. In fact, Otor believes there's been a big resurgence in the interest in handmade pieces over the course of the pandemic, and she says bucket hats are no exception to this.

Additionally, other up-and-coming brands like Cavia and PARDOhats are offering up cool knit hats. So, get ahead of the knit hat trend now before you see it everywhere this spring. Ahead, find seven looks to recreate with the handmade accessory.

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How To Wear The Knit Hat Trend: Coordinate With Your Top

If you choose a printed knit hat, like checks, have fun by adding another pattern into the mix, such as stripes. Ground the exciting ensemble with a simple jacket in a neutral like cream or black.

How To Wear The Knit Hat Trend: Cool Beret

If bucket hats aren't your thing, try out a cool knit beret. To keep the look fun, complete the look with funky animal print pants and a furry bag.

How To Wear The Knit Hat Trend: Stick To The Same Color Scheme

If you're into matching, couple your bright jacket with a knit hat in the same color scheme.

How To Wear The Knit Hat Trend: Couple With A Matching Lingerie Set

Why not get into crocheting while wearing a handmade bucket hat? As for your look, go for a matching lingerie set while you're hanging out at home.

How To Wear The Knit Hat Trend: Protect From The Sun

Not only are they stylish, but knit bucket hats can also protect your skin from the sun. Choose one that's extra floppy to shield your face.

How To Wear The Knit Hat Trend: Matching Cardigan

If you're looking for easy outfits to wear this spring, consider a matching cardigan and knit bucket hat. Finish off with denim and you have a look that'll work for both Saturday afternoons in the park and happy hours.

How To Wear The Knit Hat Trend: Striped Beret

The best way to dress up a matching rib set is by throwing on intriguing accessories. A striped knit beret and colorful booties will do the trick.