A Celebrity Hairstylist Spilled The Secret To Bella Hadid’s Signature Slick Middle Part Bun

So chic, no?

Bella Hadid

In stark contrast to her blonde-haired, boho-esque older sister Bella Hadid has become the master of sleek and snatched beauty looks. While she sometimes shocks fans by showing off her long, naturally curly hair, the 25-year-old tends to prefer the slicked-back hairstyles that have become her signature. Hadid’s sleek, middle-parted updo seems to be one of her go-to favorites; she’s worn it everywhere from red carpets to editorial campaigns. Unfortunately, because of how precise and polished it is, Bella Hadid’s bun isn’t the easiest to recreate — that is, until celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton came to the rescue.

Appleton, who works with A-listers like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, took to TikTok recently to provide a much-needed tutorial on how to achieve Bella Hadid’s iconic middle-parted bun. “This is how to get Bella middle part bun the right way,” he says at the start of the video. First, he separates the model’s hair into two sections, which, according to Appleton, is “the secret that no one does.” He then clips up a triangle-shaped section in the front of her hair before saturating the roots of the rest of her hair in hairspray and brushing it back into a sleek pony. “Snatch those cheekbones back nice and tight,” he says. “That’s a key part.”

Marc Piasecki/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Then, Appleton connects the front piece of hair, making sure to maintain the middle part. He also leaves a couple of face-framing pieces out, later adding a clip-in extension on either side for a more dramatic effect. Once everything is secured in the ponytail, he wraps the hair around to create a tight bun, pinning it in place and leaving a small section out. “You’ve got that little sprout of hair that I clamp with a flat iron and some hairspray,” he says. “It’s very cool-girl.” He finishes off the look with a spritz of shine spray “for that super high-gloss” effect and the final result is undeniably spot-on.

All in all, it doesn’t seem too complicated to recreate Bella Hadid’s signature style, and you probably have all the necessary products and tools already lying around (minus the clip-in extensions, which are optional anyway).

Below see the products Chris Appleton employs to recreate this look.

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