Kim Kardashian's Crimped Hair Comes Courtesy Of This Household Item

Chris Appleton strikes again.

From her earliest days on-screen as a stylist-to-the-stars, Kim Kardashian has always been something of a hair chameleon — especially now that she’s the star in question. She’s been known to switch up the color and cut (sometimes twice in one week), play with wigs and extensions, and test-drive just about every style under the sun. Even when staying true to her natural raven shade, Kardashian can’t help but experiment on some part of it, much to the delight of her quarter-billion Instagram followers. And in a new photoshoot, starring Kim Kardashian’s crimped hair, the KKW Beauty founder once again proves how versatile she can be.

For the shoot, Kardashian enlisted the help of Chris Appleton, the celebrated master hairstylist behind some of her most iconic looks. Appleton, who also counts J.Lo and Dua Lipa as regular clients and close friends, shared a behind-the-scenes look at the style’s creation featuring a hack that would put MacGuyver to shame. To get a deep crimp with pronounced bend and texture, Appleton uses a bent wire hanger.

In the video (appropriately set to Fergie’s 2006 hit “Glamorous”), Appleton says he cuts the hangers into a v-shape before beginning the labor-intensive process of weaving small chunks of hair around them in what describes as a figure-8 pattern. From there, he carefully runs a straightener up and down the length of the interwoven hair and hanger. When Appleton frees Kardashian’s hair from the hanger, we see it leave glossy, deep s-curves down to the tips.


“You get this explosion of really cool texture,” he explains, noting that he leaves the roots flat to allow hair to expand into more voluminous ends. To cap off the style, Appleton says he brushes the crimps out for even more texture. The overall effect is somewhere between a ‘70s disco queen and an actual queen — undoubtedly exactly what the duo was going for if the gilded background and Kardashian’s baroque eyeliner are any indication.


Kim Kardashian joins a long list of celebrities reviving the crimped look of yesteryear, making the vintage-inspired style officially trending. Joan Smalls, Gigi Hadid, and about half of Kardashian’s siblings have all gotten in on the fun, bouncy style in the last year.

If you’re already dying to try the look (same!), there are tons of tools to help you approximate that deep crimp achieved by Appleton and his hangers. The idea of trying to weave your own hair around a cut piece of metal can seem...tricky at best, but there are, fortunately, a slew of top-rated hot tools that can give you your own set of Kim K-inspired crimps.


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