Celebs From Dua Lipa To Lizzo Can’t Stop Wearing This '90s Hair Trend

It’s going to be everywhere this summer.

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Courtesy of Dua Lipa

The age-old adage that everything old is new again is particularly relevant in the beauty world, and recently it seems like the ‘90s is dominating practically every aspect of makeup, hair, and nails. We've seen it with bright eyeshadows, the return of heavy lip liner, but particularly in recent hairstyle trends — if you're a TikTok fixture, then you know this all too well. Tendrils hairstyles are proof of that, being revamped with new and refreshing looks, while still reminding us of the times when butterfly clips and crown twists were king.

Celebrities in particular have embraced the hairstyle like crazy, posting it all across their Instagram feeds to inspire fans to try it for themselves. Dua Lipa was rarely spotted without the look for months on end, Kim Kardashian showed hers off in a bright red hue with a slew of selfies, and Lizzo enjoys hers paired with her box braids. But it's not just the old school appeal that has everyone rushing to try it — it's also the versatility, as tendrils are the perfect complement to nearly every hairstyle — buns, ponytails, half updos, you name it.

So this summer, if you're looking to add some flair to your look, check out the celeb-inspired styles that are equal parts chic and edgy.

Tendrils Hairstyles: Single Strands

Whether it be with one or two, show off your best side by picking a single tendril to fall along your face. You can also experiment with different lengths, allowing your longest strands a time to shine or keeping it cropped with your layered pieces.

Tendrils Hairstyles: Box Braids

The wonderful thing about box braided tendrils is that the parting it practically already done for you. Simply pull one or two braids forward and tuck the rest away.

Tendrils Hairstyles: Heavy Sections

Dua Lipa notoriously loves the tendrils look, particularly thicker sections parted down the middle. To set it off, she finishes the style with a sleek top knot. Bonus points if you also have the money-piece hair color trend to emphasize your tendrils.

Tendrils Hairstyles: Ponytailed Braids

In a true ode to the ‘90s, this style includes mini ponytails and braids. If you really want to set the look off, you can always adorn it with some butterfly clips — true nostalgia at its finest.

Tendrils Hairstyles: High Buns

A simple high-bun can begin to feel so mundane. That’s when tendrils come in to freshen up your look. The part doesn’t have to be perfect, either — keep it undone for a messy yet intentional look.

Tendrils Hairstyles: Fun Colors

The only thing better than tendrils are tendrils in bright colors. Kardashian showed off her fiery-red pieces earlier this year, placing the rest of her hair in a low bun. If you’re looking for a new hair color for summer but not ready to fully commit yet, this is a great place to start.

Tendrils Hairstyles: Keep It Curly

Textured tendrils add so much dimension to the look. Don’t worry about trying to achieve near-perfect parts — just let the curls lead you. And if you don’t have natural curls, use a small flat iron to give your hair some extra texture.

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