Ashley Graham's Pronovias Collab Includes The Perfect Dress For Winter Weddings

These pieces are stunning.

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Ashley Graham x Pronovias bridal collection
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Picture this: Your wedding is in a few months, and you’re becoming increasingly overwhelmed with all that goes into planning and organizing this special ceremony. And then, on top of it all, you seemingly can’t find a bridal gown that fits and looks just right. If this sounds like a nightmare, take note of the Ashley Graham x Pronovias capsule collection, which dropped on July 20. The model co-designed a range of wedding dresses that caters to brides of all body shapes and sizes. This was the second time Graham partnered with the Spanish label (the first range came out in January 2020).

“Being comfortable and feeling beautiful are two big things that are non-negotiable for me on a big day,” Graham tells TZR. “You want to be able to breathe, move, dance, enjoy, eat, and drink ... [in your look]. And, I know that we have serviced [the brides who want that] very well with this second drop!”

The collection includes a total of 17 dresses, which range in sizes from a U.S. 0 to U.S. 32. The goal was to make any given dress in size 22 look identical to the same style in a size 2. (Replicating the same garment in such a wide range of sizes meant the label had to tweak the silhouette to fit a wide range of body shapes, which requires more effort and a higher level of precision in both design and production.) In addition, there is shapewear built into every single dress for a more comfortable experience and a more seamless look. Depending on the style, some dresses feature figure-hugging undergarments all over the bodice and butt areas, while others have a corset construction around the torso.


Inclusivity efforts aside, the range is comprised of styles that can be worn to different kinds of nuptials. The Baobabs dress, for instance, conjures up an image of the beach, thanks to its boho silhouette and the intricate lace and ribbon placement on its bodice. Others, like the lacy Panjin or the voluminous Skye, have long sleeves that make them so perfect for winter weddings. Overall, the capsule collection includes references to a variety of current trends — think sultry, see-through lace, mermaid skirts, and gauzy, voluminous sleeves.

While working on the collection with the Pronovias Group Chief Artistic Director Alessandra Rinaudo, Graham reflected on what her dream wedding dress would look like, as well as her experiences in modeling bridal wear. “I know what expensive feels like, I know what cheap feels like, I know what the beading should look like, and I got to really pour all of that information into this collection,” she says. Notably, Graham’s favorite piece in this range — the Day gown — was modeled after her Zac Posen frock, which she wore to the 91st Annual Academy Awards. “There was just something really beautiful and comfortable about that dress that I thought, ‘Oh, this would make a great wedding gown!’” Graham recalls.

The Day Dress


Graham’s 2019 Oscars Look

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In comparison to the first 2020 drop, the designs in this range have evolved to cater to today’s brides. For example, Graham took extra care to ensure that the dresses feel as great as they look, as many brides-to-be want comfortable dresses. “Brides are finally able to say ‘I do’ again after a long period of confinement and canceled events,” Graham explains. “We know what that feels like to now, to be able to step outside and do the things that you had planned [a long time ago], so I wanted these dresses to feel lightweight, comfortable, and relaxed in the silhouettes, seamlessly taking you from being inside to being out with your loved ones.” Additionally, since many summer weddings were likely postponed to fall/winter 2022-2023, the model wanted to offer an abundance of winter-appropriate wedding gowns in this new drop.

Now, without further ado, keep scrolling to see the collection for yourself. For interested brides, you can make an appointment with Pronovias to secure a dress or two from the collab, as well as to inquire about exact pricing, before they sell out.

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