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I Tried The Facial Toning Tool That's Like Pilates For Your Cheekbones

So snatched.

Taylor Jean Stephan
Theraface Review

In our series Trial Run, TZR editors and writers put the buzziest new beauty products to the test and share their honest reviews. This week, our beauty writer is putting the new TheraFace Pro to the test.

To be honest, I haven’t always been a beauty tech girl. Over the years, I’ve owned quite a few tech-y gadgets (everything from NuFace microcurrent technology to LED red light therapy face masks). My pattern has always been the same: I get it, I’m psyched on it for a bit, and then after a month or so it’s sitting in the back of my beauty closet collecting dust. Let’s just say it has to be a really special device to keep me consistent and coming back for more. So when I heard about the new TheraFace Pro, my interest was certainly piqued. Other beauty devices on the market are pretty one dimensional (offering only one function, like LED therapy). This handheld tool, on the other hand, wraps an astonishing eight cutting technologies together in one.

“TheraFace Pro is the first all-in-one tool that helps to reduce tension, relax facial muscles, rejuvenate the skin, and care for your face in a way that makes this a true facial health therapy device,” explains triple-board certified dermatologist Dr. Mamina Turegano, MD, FAAD.

To say it takes self care to a whole new level is an understatement. To understand how the device works, let’s break it down.

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Fast Facts

  • Price: $399 (plus $99 for hot and cold attachments)
  • Best for: reduces tension, relaxes facial muscles, rejuvenates skin
  • Your rating: 4.9/5
  • Clean/Cruelty-Free?: Yes
  • What we like: Eight top technologies in one, portable, versatile
  • What we don't like: Confusing to use at first; expensive

What Is The TheraFace Pro?

When you purchase the beauty device, you also receive three percussive attachments, a microcurrent ring, a LED light therapy ring, and a cleansing ring (plus conductive gel to use with the microcurrent mode, carrying bag, stand, and charging cable). It’s these extras that allow the tool to boast so many different modalities.

At first glance, the TheraFace tool is a little overwhelming and not particularly straightforward to use, especially compared to the brand’s popular body massage tool; however, a few of the attachments were familiar to me. I’ve definitely used a cleansing head, an LED light ring, and microcurrent attachment before.

“Each attachment has a unique purpose for different parts of the face and can be combined with LED light therapy or the cold ring for an even more enhanced experience,” explains Dr. Turegano.

But some of the other attachments were less obvious in how to use them correctly, like the the three different percussive attachments (which mimic the technology of the body device). “These can be used in a variety of ways to reduce tension and relax the facial muscles,” says Dr. Turegano. “The flat head attachment is great for general use on the entire face, neck, and chest. The cone attachment offers a more precise treatment for targeted areas such as around the eyes, smile lines, and pressure points. Finally, the micropoint attachment maximizes circulation in larger areas such as the forehead, cheeks, and chest.”

You can also buy hot and cold ring attachments for the head of the TheraFace. “These come separately and can be used for overall skin rejuvenation like helping the skin to absorb creams and serums, reduce puffiness, and improve radiance,” she says. (Although this does mean you have to shell out more money for these to get the added benefits.)

Taylor Jean Stephan

How Does It Work?

Like the body tool, the TheraFace focuses on improving muscle tone, which for your face can equate to a more lifted appearance. “Promoting circulation, improving muscle tone and reducing stress are important components to skin and overall health,” Dr. Turegano explains of the benefits of using this type of device. But by utilizing all eight professional modalities, you can address the 40 plus muscles in the face, and that is “truly game-changing,” she says. It’s also totally customizable. You can use all of the heads, or just a few heads, or switch it up week to week. It can truly be used to supplement anyone’s skin care routine based on their personalized needs.

About My Skin

I have a real challenge sticking with any device for a respectable amount of time, but I made a point to stick with using the TheraFace for about a month. This device doesn’t target my day to day skin concerns like hormonal outbreaks and chronic dryness — it’s more about results at a deeper level like tightening and addressing fine lines and wrinkles. I’m in my 30s and I don’t have many wrinkles (thank you Botox and SPF), but I do struggle with firmness (just like most other 30-something adults), so I was excited to see what results I would have with consistent use, a few times a week.

One month Before Using Theraface Pro Taylor Jean Stephan

The Science Behind TheraFace

Ahead of the device’s launch, TheraBody conducted a clinical study with 35 participants in the U.S. ranging from ages 25 to 61. The group included all skin types and self-perceived signs of uneven skin tone, lack of elasticity, lines and wrinkles, or a dull complexion. “Participants completed a six-minute routine, six days a week, during which they would use one or two modalities, plus a 45-minute treatment one day a week during which they would use every TheraFace Pro treatment,” explains Dr. Turegano. The completion of the 12-week program revealed that 94% reported their skin looked overall healthier, 89% observed a decrease in wrinkles and/or unhealthy-looking skin, 89% felt their skin was more rejuvenated and radiant, and 89% noticed an improvement in facial contour including improved muscle tone and skin tightness.

How To Use The TheraFace Pro

There is no one way to use this device — you can use it in the morning or evening. That being said, Dr. Turegano has a few tips. She likes to start her day with the cleansing attachment combined with percussive therapy. “The natural exfoliation and circulation stimulation helps me to feel refreshed and ready to start the day no matter how early I need to get my start,” explains the pro. Next, if she has enough time, she uses the microcurrent attachment to tone. “The microcurrent attachment is one of my favorites, it provides both immediate sculpted and lifted results, but daily consistent use also has long-term results,” she explains.

“If I’m in a rush, I'll finish off my routine with my favorite serum and moisturizer that I help lock in with the hot attachment,” she adds. (Also: The cold ring helped depuff my face when I was hungover.) For me, this was the perfect morning combo — not insanely time consuming, but just enough to upgrade my skin care routine.

If you have a little more time, Dr. Turegano adds in the red and infrared light attachment (after the microcurrent, but before moisturizer). “Both the Red Light and Red + Infrared Light settings can be combined with percussive therapy to give a more personalized experience to fit your needs like helping with jaw pain or tension headaches,” she adds.

The Results

While this device is targeted toward long term results, I was able to see results shortly (one month) after using it. “The topical short term effects are clear after just a few uses — skin looks and feels brighter, healthier, and more balanced,” confirms Dr. Turegano. Since Theraface Pro works deeper into the layers of skin and muscle, the longterm benefits are for overall skin health rather than just immediate skin care benefits.

One month before using TherafaceTaylor Jean Stephan
One month after using Theraface ProTaylor Jean Stephan

Is TheraFace Worth Worth The Money?

This device retails for $400, and if you want the hot and cold rings, those are sold separately for $100. At $500 total, you’re definitely making an investment. The upside is that it is significantly cheaper than if you were to buy these devices (like a microcurrent tool, a face massager, and a cooling or heating tool) separately. Is it worth it? If you’re going to use it consistently, then absolutely.

I would recommend this device to serious skin care enthusiasts. The bottom line is that you have to use this device consistently to see any deeper-level results (as is the case for most beauty tools). I did, however, see immediate benefits from certain attachments (like toning with the microcurrent, depuffing with the cold ring, and jaw tension relief with the percussion heads). If you're someone who is already consistent and serious about their skin care routine, this is an excellent way to upgrade your product lineup.

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