This Chic New Face Roller Mimics An Estheticians Hands—And You Can Use It While Watching TV

by Sara Spruch-Feiner
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Courtesy of Carbonnique
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When Carbonnique co-founder Marta Pichlak-Miarka discusses the creation of her company and its face roller, she refers to the 'Netflix test' of user-friendliness — that is to say, can you use it, sans mirror, while sitting on the couch watching Netflix. The Carbonnique face roller that launched in December, needless to say, passed the test.

The roller, which looks as much like a decor item as it does a skin care tool, was co-created by Pichlak-Miarka and Monika Konczalska, a Polish dermatologist, and launched exclusively at Onda Beauty, a 'clean' beauty retailer co-founded by Naomi Watts. Though facial tools are everywhere right now, the duo wanted to create one that felt like the 'it bag' of tools. To do so, they teamed with Italian industrial designer Chiara Orlandini, a former accessories designer at Calvin Klein, to create an easy-to-use, lightweight, and beautiful tool.

The resulting product has a handle made of sustainably sourced walnut wood and the dual head is made of biocompatible ceramics. The ceramic is a "similar material to what's used in medical implants and as a result, is hypoallergenic," Pichlak-Miarka tells TZR in an email. The actual feel is meant to mimic the massage techniques used by estheticians during facials (and will actually be used during certain facials at Onda).

The key goal was to design something people would actually want to use and find easy to use, because even the fanciest skin care gadgets can't help you if they're sitting in your medicine cabinet untouched. There are "no wires, no cables, no batteries are needed. It’s 100% portable, making it easy to use outside of your bathroom," Pichlak-Miarka points out.

And given that 2021 is already shaping up to be as eventful as 2020, treating yourself to some facial massage could be an excellent idea (plus, again, you can do it while watching Netflix). "Taking the time for yourself everyday to roll your face and neck will help you physically and emotionally," Pichlak-Miarka says, explaining that "in a nutshell, facial massage stimulates your blood circulation, removes excess fluids and toxins causing puffiness, and stimulates cell turnover. Using a facial roller for a few minutes a day offers your skin an immediate increase in oxygen flow (which is why it creates a noticeably radiant flush in color)."

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