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This NYFW Street Style Nail Trend Is So Good, Guests Had To Forgo The Gloves

Take notes.

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Textured Nails Beauty Street Style New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 204

Being a good Fashion Week guest is all about the details, like what show, which outfits, and where to actually wear them. The sheer number of looks cycled through by influencers, editors, and assorted attendees is pretty staggering, with different accessories, hairstyles, and garments for every party and presentation. Most are only wearing a single manicure for the entire seven-day stretch, though, which makes choosing one serious business. The textured nail trend seems to be a hit with the street style crowd for New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024, popping up in so many different variations across the city.

There are low-key options with just a hint of grain, full-blown avant-garde masterpieces, and punk-inspired takes on the look alike. The timing of the trend works out, too. It’s been a slow-burn in the celebrity world for a while now, but nothing seems to sway the stylish masses like a chic Fashion Week guest. It makes the look feel a little more accessible but no less enticing, and committing to such an extreme beauty trend for the full run of shows is the strongest co-sign possible.

Ahead, get acquainted with textured nails, one of the coolest street style beauty crazes to materialize this New York Fashion Week.

All-Over Crystal Studs

Christian Vierig/Getty Images

This Coach show guest’s chromatic silver outfit would shine no matter what, but it’s just bolstered by the constellation of gleaming crystals arranged across each nail. The look is a bold one, but the short, rounded manicure shape and soft pink base color keeps it remarkably effortless.

Grainy Glitter

Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Petition for all street style photographers to get hand closeups next season? Speaking for everyone here, the chance to see this Collina Strada attendee’s full manicure would be unreal. Based on the sparkling thumbnails alone, the grainy, silver glitter comes alive with textured droplets scattered across the beds.

Clash Of Colors

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Fun, funky, and a flawless complement to the texture of their bag chain, Samia Laaboudi revealed the best set of multicolored 3D nails outside of the Coach show. Each finger is adorned with a different color and raised swirl or dot, making the season’s most sought-after polish shades stand out even more.

Punky Paint Chips

Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

One of the coolest ways to do nail texture — especially in a DIY capacity — is to go for a punk-inspired chipped polish look, like the manicure seen on supermodel Lakshmi Menon outside of Jason Wu. The physical gaps between the broken-up lacquer and bare nails creates a visible grain, and fits right into the larger indie sleaze trend that’s currently coming back around.

Heavy Metal Overlay

Christian Vierig/Getty Images

The chrome nail trend is one thing, but a manicure that actually looks made of metal is an entirely different concept. Lauren Caruso’s futuristic set outside the Coach show proves it, with a reflective deep silver shade that almost reads gunmetal against her black coat. It’s just an optical illusion, but can’t you practically feel the weight of metal through the screen?

Velvet Cat-Eyes

Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Another way to do nail texture is by employing a different type of visual trick, this one involving a magnet. By dragging one through metal-infused nail polish, you can create a cat-eye or velvet look, like the sort seen on this guest outside of Jason Wu.