Meet Instagram’s Most Stylish Queer Influencers

Follow them for endless inspiration.

Mx B. Hawk Snipes

During Pride Month, it’s common to see one’s feed erupt with LGBTQ+ influencers partnering with companies on sponsored content. But there’s plenty more where that came from: These creators are doing incredible work year round while breaking all kinds of barriers in the process. And if you know where to look, you’ll find an entire community of queer creatives bucking fashion stereotypes with their scroll-stopping outfits and inclusive messaging.

This new wave of tastemakers is full of folks doing unique things with expression and style. Take, for instance, Owin Pierson, who is tackling fast fashion and sustainability while also being a queer AAPI advocate. Meanwhile, Ruby Allegra has carved out a spot as the “autistic trans queercripple of ur dreams.” Then there’s Mx B. Hawk Snipes: They’ve truly mastered the arts of both fashion month-worthy street style and red carpet glamour (no small feat).

So whether you’re hoping for inspiration for your own gender, orientation, or presentation, or simply looking to brighten your feed with cool, well-dressed people doing incredible work — or you want to expand your definition of what fashion can be — I have a starter-pack of must-follows for you ahead. (Pro tip: If you want more beyond this list, be sure to identify which accounts these influencers follow to find more creatives doing work you like.)

Mx B. Hawk Snipes (they/them/she/her)

Snipes, a model, activist and entertainer (who’s a native New Yorker and a non-binary trans femme), has made appearances in Pose and is known for their incredible fashion. Think: a green dress and headpiece, brown cutout dress, and all-red glittery red carpet look, for starters. They’re a “hero” of NYC Pride who’s a part of the official campaign (including on a Times Square billboard) and an upcoming speaker. Come for the fabulous outfits, but stay for their gorgeous and evolving story.

Ady (or Arcadia) Del Valle (he/hers/they)

Del Valle is a queer influencer who’s helping get rid of the idea that models (and people) should look a certain way, explaining: “I’m glad I can take up space in these arenas, shake things up simply with my existence, because these places aren’t made for people like me.” He’s modeled for NYC Pride, walked the Real Catwalk in Times Square during NYFW, and is the founder of The Latinx Creative, designed to highlight Latinx talent. The fierce Insta looks range from dresses to lingerie to everything in-between.

Ruby Allegra (they/them)

Calling themself the “autistic trans queercripple of ur dreams,” Allegra originally joined Instagram to promote their makeup work. Lucky for all of us, their presence has evolved to include fashion, body positivity, disability and LGBTQ+ activism, authenticity around their experience, and just general badassery. In addition to colorful lingerie, their style’s colorful, a bit edgy (orange fanny pack and matching pants, yes please), and graphic. They’ve also got smart recs for brands owned by or supporting disabled people that you should support.

Alysse Dalessandro (she/her/hers)

The Cleveland-based blogger, writer, designer, and professional speaker is also founder of the fashion and lifestyle blog, Ready to Stare (which she’s run for a decade). She’s also a YouTuber who catalogues her adventures in travel and fashion. Trust me: Dalessandro’s posts are full of color, inclusion, and advocacy for queer plus size folks, and it’s a little burst of sheer happiness on your feed.

Divinity Ray

A celebrity hairstylist, Ray’s pretty well-known for their beauty, style, and tattoo TikToks. Identified as a trans/bigender model in 2020, Ray’s also an activist and motivational speaker — and they don’t just have unique, edgy looks that I wish I could pull off 24/7. They’ve got smart advice for queer folks, and anyone who just wants a dose of honesty and vulnerability.

Michelle Osbourne (she/her/hers)

This “body liberator” is also an entrepreneur, educator, content creator, and mom. She’s all about redefining beauty, both on Insta and TikTok, along with some size-inclusive styling tips like the right shorts to buy for your body type. Her whole vibe is basically summed up in her very effective use of the hashtag #effyourbeautystandards.

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard (she/her)

A deaf and disabled activist, Kellgren-Fozard also has a signature vintage style that looks straight out of a ‘50s romance novel (which is kind of the point). She and her wife and baby have a super-popular family account, too, but her main account is the place for #ootd inspiration with advocacy and history thrown in as well.

Dev Doee (they/she)

There are a lot of influencers from the drag community I could put on this list, but the up-and-coming Doee stands our for their fun cosplay and costumes as well as being an outspoken trans advocate. They’re also chief commercial officer of gender-inclusive makeup company Fluide Beauty. If you’re looking to absolutely go for it with a makeup or beauty look, Doee’s is the account you want to start with.

Owin Pierson (he/him/his)

This LGBTQ+, mental health, and AAPI advocate also covers an important fashion topic — fast fashion — and highlights more sustainable brands to follow. He even collaborated via a sustainability fellowship with nonprofit modeDurable. Oh, and he’s got the most amazing collection of printed button-down shirts, and has absolutely mastered the white tee.

Ziggy Zaddy (she/her)

Zaddy was named by DapperQ as a “Most Stylish” person in 2022 (also, FYI, that list is an awesome place to find more queer influencers). She embraces pride style in overt and subtle ways, and is all about erasing gender roles through clothing. She’s also one half of Ziggy and Ming on TikTok, in case you like following cute couples who love to make dance videos.

Ivanka DeKoning (she/her/hers)

DeKoning’s raising queer awareness through her work — and her own style has evolved as she’s grown her style identity. Her recent Y2K game is particularly strong, from the neon crop top and matching heels to her smart take on making the bucket hat look cool. Her content isn’t just fun style videos with smart advice (plus tips to manage fashion waste in your life), but also — since she’s a social media whiz — a treat for the eyes. And she gives tips on how to replicate those cool effects.

Aaron Rose Philip (she/her)

The first Black, transgender, disabled person repped by a major modeling agency, the Antiguan-American model debuted on the SS22 Moschino runway. Follow first and foremost for the news and updates, since her career is only continuing to grow, but stay for the glorious high-fashion looks and photoshoots.

Chelsey Boll (she/they)

Boll, who’s a self-taught photographer and model (and DapperQ “Most Stylish” winner), has a self-identified androgynous style and cites David Bowie as her biggest inspiration. The behind-the-scene photoshoots are a fun glimpse into the world of modeling, but the goofiness and glimpses into their adorable relationship is what we’re really here for.

Tevin “Milo” Evans (he/him/his)

Model, actor, TikToker, and body diversity activist, Evans (who goes by the moniker “Fat Chuck Bass”) speaks out against the toxicity that prevents men from discussing their needs. “Guys are only now starting to feel that we have the space to speak candidly about our body image issues and things like that,” he’s told Input magazine. “What I really want to do is put on that three-piece Dolce and Gabbana suit,” he explained to Barcroft TV. “Diversity shouldn't be this groundbreaking thing. It's not breaking news. It should just be.”

a.dior (they/them)

Stylist and mental health advocate a.dior dresses all genders with menswear. Named “Most Stylish” by DapperQ, a.dior’s been living authentically on their platform and have been open about how they’re finally feeling at home in their body. And, on top of all that awesomeness, their outfits are chic, super-polished, and easy to replicate. There’s soft tailoring and sportswear-adjacent pieces that give a dressed-up atheisure vibe — complete with the whitest gym socks you could image.

Luke Wesley Pearson (he/him)

Pearson’s been open and vulnerable about his trans journey on TikTok. On Insta, he makes videos that include outfits that fit trans bodies but also has cool posts on subjects like packing for vacation (which I always need help with) and general outfit inspo. Also, his relationship with wife Kelsey is just adorable. His vibe is surfer bro meets-stylish dad meets-Justin Bieber chic in the best way possible.

Note: This list is up-to-date as of June 2022, but names and pronouns may need to be updated in future. Contact @kjigoe if you spot something that looks amiss.