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My Skin Care Storage Got A Major Upgrade With This $60 Purchase

Not only is it cute, but it actually works.

by Natasha Marsh
Natasha Marsh
Natasha Marsh skin care fridge

After a 15-month hiatus in Los Angeles, I moved back to New York City three months ago to a new borough and a new apartment. With me came four suitcases and multiple FedEx and USPS boxes, split between two main categories: shoes and skin care products. Apart from the slight folds, my shoes were totally fine. But after spending four business days in transit, my skin care arsenal had definitely seen better days. The lukewarm day cream that once gave me a great bounce and glow while living in Los Angeles didn’t seem to revive my lack-luster morning skin anymore. Enter: skin care fridges to resuscitate my beloved products.

Working in beauty, I know how popular this trend is. Do a quick glance on Instagram and you’ll see over 25,000 posts on #skincarefridge in cotton-candy pink, sunset orange, and sky blue. Packed with sheet masks, serums, and everything in between, it continues to gain traction as a way to show off your beauty collection. What I wasn’t as sure about was its success rate. So I set to try it out myself and have been stunned at how much better my tried-and-true products have worked over the last seven weeks.

Before utilizing my mini fridge, I stored my products in my makeup bag, bookshelf, drawers, and in my vanity cabinet (as a beauty editor, I test a lot of products so ample storage space is key). But, because of the varying temperatures in my home, the ingredients in skin care products (especially natural ones) can actually break down and oxidize in a makeup bag or drawer — leading to ineffective products and potential skin irritations.

When placed in a miniature skin care fridge, the formulas keep stable so they can last longer, while hindering bacteria, mold, or yeast growth. Some of my products that are formulated with vitamin C and retinol can have unstable molecules and short shelf lives. By refrigerating them, they are able to enjoy a more stable environment and prolong their usage.

As tempting as it is to place skin care products in your regular fridge, the standard temperature (35-38°F) is too cold for products and could affect their consistency. Skin care fridges cool between 45-50°F — the optimal temperature for beauty formulas.

Plus, the cooling sensation works great for my occasional irritated or inflamed skin as I’m running around the concrete jungle. I also love how aesthetically pleasing it is seeing my colorful beauty fridge with all my important everyday items.

So, yes, mini skin care fridges are really cute and Instagram-worthy, but they also really work. If you’re ready to invest in one for their long lasting effects on your skin care routine, shop my favorite eight below.

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