Sephora Collection Launched Its Very Own Beauty Fridge (For Under $100)


Ah, the beauty fridge. Although not fundamentally necessary for most skin care — or more valuable than, say, the one already in your kitchen — the irresistibly luxe Instagram staple have been a persistent hit on social media for the past year. So much so that now, thanks to a wave of new Sephora Collection skincare tools, you can order one online from the beauty retailer itself.

Even better? Sephora's own personal version of the beauty fridge retails for $60. Available as of March 17, the Sephora Collection Skincare Fridge sits at 9.5 inches tall, 7 inches wide, and 9 inches deep, and comes with two settings: warm — for any beauty accessories you want to keep nice and cozy — and cool, perfect for natural skincare products, face masks, and facial rollers.

Which you can also pick up from the Sephora Collection. Two new facial tools arrived during that March launch; the $10 Sephora Collection Mini Face Roller Set and the $25 Sephora Collection Facial Cooling Globes. The mini set features two tools, one specifically created with an aluminum roller for cooling and and targeting puffiness, the other with a skin-massaging silicone roller. (Either one can be used in tandem with oil and cream products, according to the product description.)

Courtesy of Sephora

The Facial Cooling Globes are where your skincare fridge comes in, though. The two-piece cooling globe set can be stored in your fridge or rinsed under cold water, and then used to massage products into your facial and neck contours. They're designed to help whisk away puffiness by sheer coolness — plus, the spherical shape is easy on skin.

Courtesy of Sephora

For those wishing they could extend the rollers' skin-soothing effect all over, meet the Sephora Collection Body Massager. The final part of the skincare tool launch — and retailing for only $15 — the handheld body roller delivers similar, muscle-relaxing results. However, the curved shape and easy-to-clean handle lets shoppers whisk it over larger tired muscles easily, versus a smaller, more targeted facial roller.

As you probably already know, you can pick up anything new from the Sephora Collection by visiting Sephora.com, but each of the four new tools (including the fridge) are listed below.

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