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Patrick Ta Just Made The Mascara Equivalent Of A Party Heel

I tried the high drama formula for everyday wear

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Erika Veurink
Patrick Ta Mascara still life
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In our series Trial Run, TZR editors and writers put the buzziest new beauty products to the test and share their honest reviews.

Known for his signature dramatic eye looks, makeup artist and brand founder Patrick Ta launching Major Volume Mascara comes as no surprise. The product (his first in the category) has a unique polymer blend that allows for “the highest level of pigment load,” according to the brand literature. Read as: very dark, very intense lashes. Offered only in black, the glossy formula is meant to comb through lashes and lift from the root. Bonus: Growth peptides are infused to support healthier, longer lashes for the long haul.

What sets Patrick Ta’s Major Volume Mascara apart from competitors is the innovative cut pf the brush, which promises to “catch and release individual lash.” The result? An even coat from top to end. The age-old conundrum of sacrificing length or definition with your eyelashes is no more with this formula, which promises the best of both worlds. Plus, Ta’s advice to curl lashes in between coat applications is a guaranteed step to up the drama.

The star ingredient in this $29 mascara is polyisobutene (a film-forming agent rated as a 1 according to EWG) which creates a noticeably thicker lash by adhering to the individual hairs as they lengthen. It’s also worth noting that the added peptides and glycerin help to maintain softness in the lashes over time. Think major hydration and protection against breakage.

Erika Veurink

My Relationship With Mascara

As a generally low-maintenance person when it comes to makeup, I’ve long subscribed to the theory of “good enough” lashes. My priorities are an easy-to-use applicator and zero-smudge finish. That’s it. I tend to concentrate product toward the outer corners of my eyes for an opening effect. Unless I’m headed to a disco-themed party, I keep my lower lashes bare. I usually remember to curl my lashes before applying the product, but not always. I’ve never worn false eyelashes, used eyelash serum, or had a concrete understanding of what eyelash extensions really entail.

Wearing mascara feels like changing out of sneakers into loafers or a leather boot — not as much of a step-up from my regular routine as, say, eyeliner, but something. The issue I tend to face is the shadow of mascara that transfers to my under eye. It’s not worth interrupting my dancing or more realistically, my appetizer course, to check for inevitable smudging. That said, if I’ve committed to mascara for the night, I’d almost always go for length over volume. That is, until Patrick Ta’s Major Volume Mascara.

Patrick Ta Major Volume Mascara double-cut brush Erika Veurink

My Lashes + The Drama of Patrick Ta

I decided to try out Patrick Ta’s new formula on a night out to dinner with my partner. Nothing formal — just a drink and some amazing tacos. I primed my clean lashes by curling them extra carefully. The first thing I noticed about the application process was that the wand picks up colossal amounts of the product, which is certainly one way to create heavy lashes.

While the wand did feel impressive in the hand, like a guaranteed ticket to D'Amelio style lashes, I felt overwhelmed. The mascara’s I usually opt for advertise length which equates to thinner, smaller wands with more control. It reminded me of a chicer take on a drugstore bottle I swore by in middle school. The process of application was expedited, if only because the product transferred at such a fast rate.

The first coat went on like a dream — even, immediate impact, and tons of length. I was thrilled. In an overzealous attempt, I went for a second coat, curling in-between. Some mascara smeared, a water break was taken, and then I was back in the bathroom mirror with gathered composure. I took care to remove excess product from the wand before starting as close to the root of my eyelashes as I humanly could. The effect was dramatic, to say the least, but not as dramatic as the mascara fallout under my eyes when I checked on my handiwork mid-dinner. I cleaned up the remains, curled my lashes for the third time, and walked back to the table as good as new.

Erika’s eyelashes after one coat of Patrick Ta’s Major Volume MascaraErika Veurink

Should You Replace Your Mascara with Patrick Ta’s Major Volume?

There are so many mascaras on the market for so many types of users. I’ve started to embrace the makeup essential as equally as specific — like a closet stocked with shoes. This mascara is like a party heel. If I was being photographed, I’d reach for Patrick Ta’s Major Volume Mascara. If I was running out to the movie theater, I’d probably go for something more low key, an Ugg Ultra Mini Boot mascara equivalent. The price is also comparable to other high-impact offerings, but quite a bit more than your average drugstore staple. If you’re happy with “good enough” lashes, I’d stick to something less robust. If you’re ready for a little drama, Patrick Ta has you, and your eyelashes, covered.

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