The Micro French Mani Is Getting A Color Upgrade For Spring

Pastel nails that are anything but dull.

by Natasha Marsh
Pastel Nails

If you’re itching to shed your winter layers and swap out moody manicure colors for sweet pastel nails, you’ve come to the right place. “Drawing inspiration from a runway season underpinned with femininity and friskiness, this spring, it's all about pastels with a punch,” says celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann.

Pastel manicures offer great soft colors to complement your favorite spring dresses, floral skirts, or blue jeans. They come in various shades like baby pinks and sky blues that look good on all skin tones. Not to mention, they are quite easy to recreate at home for a simple DIY manicure.

And although pastel nails can sometimes remind one of an Easter-egg-hunt, they don’t always have to be so predictable. In fact, the experts see tons of unexpected twists to try now: Think creamy blues, ballerina pinks, hazy greens, and nearly nude peaches. Plus, when it comes to the top spring 2022 mani trends, nail art is still going strong. Paired with subtle micro French tips, negative space designs, and embellished accent nails, pastels feel fresher than ever. No matter what candy color you favor, ahead are all the best expert-approved shades to test out this spring. Oh, and if your pastel collection is running low, there are beautiful shades to shop below as well.

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Minted French

For a chic pastel manicure, lay micro mint green tips over a sheer nude nail. Don’t forget to apply a super-shiny topcoat for long-lasting wear. The best part is this trend can go great with any pastel green shade (sage, mint, olive) of your choice as the tip.


“There’s something about a pretty pastel that just feels optimistic for a new season,” says Nadine Abramcyk, Tenoverten co-founder and head of brand. And this spring, experts guarantee you’ll see periwinkle everywhere. A mix between blue and violet, periwinkle, the Pantone color of the year, is super wearable and flattering on all skin types. Abramcyk suggests settling on a semi-sheer periwinkle like Tenoverten’s Riverside, as it’s a buildable shade that will look great on a variety of skin tones. To further update the traditional look, throw in a glitter top coat or playful accent nail for more flair.

Muted Ombre

Try blending multiple colors for a pretty pastel ombré fade. Start by applying a base layer of light pink, and dab on coats of white and soft yellow with a disposable makeup sponge. Opt for a “high-quality base coat and top coat like the Foundation Base Coat to ensure your manicure lasts as long as possible,” Abramcyk tells TZR. “This base coat pulls double duty by not only providing a clean base for polish, but also strengthening and nourishing your nails.”

Yellow Smiles

What says warmer temperatures more than a full manicure of sunshine yellow and happy faces? Keep it simple with an accent smiley face on one nail, or go all out with nail stickers on top of each creamy lemon shade.

Teal Swirl

Not quite blue, not quite green, teal is the ideal pastel shade to try for spring to combine your two favorite shades. An ultra glossy top coat will keep your mani lasting longer and looking sleek, no matter what nail shape you prefer.

Peach Party

Peach polish is a bit of a secret weapon for spring, as it’s as versatile as a nude but has more pigment to make for a really interesting fun spring mani. Not to mention it will pair well with all of your upcoming spring events.

Pastel Pink

“Pastel pink is a girly twist on a classic ballet slipper or hot pink shade,” says Rachel Apfel Glass, Founder of GLOSSLAB. As a pro tip, Glass recommends staying hydrated throughout the day with at least three liters of water. “To keep nails from becoming brittle and easily breaking, drink plenty of water daily,” the expert continues.

The More The Merrier

And of course when you can’t decide on just one pastel color, don’t! Choose up to five of your favorite hues and enjoy a Skittles type of mani this spring. For maintenance, be sure to have coconut oil on hand: “Coconut oil is a great hand moisturizer and perfect for keeping nails from cracking and becoming brittle, not to mention improving the cuticle,” Glass tells TZR.