Ashley Graham Shared This Crucial Waxing Tip Just In Time For Summer

Plus, her head-to-toe skin care essentials.

Ashley Graham on IG

All bodies are beautiful — and that includes body hair, stretch marks, and cellulite. And, there’s no one who better advocates for this than Ashley Graham. The supermodel has been promoting body positivity on and off the runway throughout her highly successful career, and now she’s teaming up with shaving brand Flamingo to create a line of products (note: you won’t want to sleep on the Limited Edition collection). “My philosophy has always been: shave what you want, wax what you want, leave what you want — do what works for you,” Graham says on the brand’s website. In fact, her total body skin care routine is chock-full of useful tips and must-have products, especially for summer.

Understandably, with her busy schedule attending to her son Isaac (who just turned one in January!), Graham’s regimen is a bit more pared-back these days. “As a mom, you have to find those small moments to take care of you,” she tells TZR over email. “Whether it’s taking a long shower at night or waking up a little earlier in the morning to go through my skin care routine, finding a few moments a day to take the steps to care for my body helps me feel like my best self.”

And as it turns out, the model’s overall routine has gone through a bit of a revamp since becoming a mother. “I’m all about a ‘less is more’ approach now, and I’ve simplified my beauty routine to a few key steps,” she explains. “I’ve also incorporated new products to deal with the postpartum body changes (hello, hair loss!), so my routine is definitely different these days.” If you take a scroll through Graham’s Instagram, you’ll find the model showcasing how her body has changed during her pregnancy, proving that there is nothing wrong with these supposed “imperfections” — it’s all normal and totally okay.

Clear some room in your shower, because you’ll want to add Graham’s staples in time for summer. Below, find all the products she’s loving, as well as her crucial tips for shaving and waxing.

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Graham’s Must-Have Body Skin Care Products

Of course, body moisturizer is non-negotiable for Graham. “I’ve been loving Flamingo’s Deep Nourishing Cream,” she says. “It hydrates the skin with ingredients like squalane, shea butter, and vitamin E, plus it smells so fresh and clean!” For body oil, Supergoop!’s Glow Oil SPF 50 is Graham’s absolute favorite. “There’s nothing like getting that sun-kissed glow with an added layer of SPF protection,” the model says. “It’s the best of both worlds.”

Understandably, the global ambassador for St. Tropez has a few of the brand’s products in her collection. For instance, Graham swears by the Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist for keeping her skin appearing glowy all day long. In addition to body care products, the new mother has been taking Olly’s Daily Energy Vitamins for an extra boost of energy when coffee doesn’t do the trick.

Graham’s Best Waxing Tips

“Oh, do I know waxing,” Graham says when I ask if she opts to wax her body. “I wrote a whole instruction booklet with tips for my Body Wax Kit.” Before you do anything, the model first recommends reading the instructions. “When you’re doing something professionals do yourself, you better read up.” Next, she says to find your angles. “For legs, definitely foot up on the counter,” Graham explains. “Pits were harder — I did them in front of the mirror with one hand against it so my skin was taut.” Note if you’re new to waxing, you’ll want to prepare for some discomfort. “I won’t lie — waxing hurts, but inspecting the wax strip full of hair afterward is oddly satisfying.”

Graham’s Best Shaving Tips

When it comes to shaving, Graham avoids razor bumps by first exfoliating her body from head to toe. And, when asked about her must-have product, Graham says, “I made a body exfoliator!” She adds, “I used a little mitt to help buff my skin, and Flamingo and I included a tie-dye version of it in each of our razor sets.” After exfoliating, Graham uses a shave gel so the razor glides smoothly. “Aftercare is important, too: lotion up!”