9 Pillowcases That Will Make Your Hair And Skin Flawless

If you’ve noticed a change in the condition of your skin and hair a surprising culprit could be to blame. Your pillowcase grants you a good night’s sleep, but it may also be causing blemishes and hair breakage. These pillowcases will guarantee clearer skin, stronger hair, and even fight signs of aging. Become an actual sleeping beauty by adding these essential pillowcases to your bedding assortment.


This pillowcase is woven with copper oxide fibers, which are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and promote youthful skin.

Sleeping against a silver satin pillowcase is great for fighting the signs of aging, and reducing wrinkles by the time you wake up in the morning.

You don't have to worry about this pillowcase absorbing moisture and oils from your skin at night. Your face simply slides against the silk, so there's absolutely no dehydration.

Maintain clearer, cleaner skin while you sleep with this silver ion-charged pillowcases. It's anti-bacterial which breaks the vicious cycle of dirt and oil resurfacing on your skin from a previous night's sleep.

This pillowcase is made up of bamboo fibers which have the ability to stay cleaner a lot longer than other materials. It's also infused with lavender, lemon balm, and green oil to induce a good night's sleep.

Traditional pillowcases absorb moisture, which means they absorb any acne products you apply onto your face at night. Benzoyl-peroxide resistant pillowcases can ensure that your medication continues to work as you sleep.

The rich silk in this pillowcase prevents friction between the materials and your hair. In turn, the pillowcase won't tug at your roots or cause breakage and shedding.

If you're tired of waking up with creases in your hair, consider giving a Mulberry silk pillowcase a chance. It can maintain the current health of your hair rather than damaging it.

Woven with 18 amino acids, this pillowcase is breathable and naturally hypoallergenic. While it's also great for your skin, it promotes healthier hair thanks to its high-quality fibers.