Blake Lively Did Her Nails To Match Her Wallpaper & It’s Actually So Chic

Her nail artist calls it “antique grandma.”

James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images
Blake Lively
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Between chrome nails, glitter French tips, and crystal embellishments, it seems like manicure trends are only getting glitzier — especially as the festive holiday season approaches. This is precisely why Blake Lively’s floral nails serve are so unexpectedly exciting. The style made its debut at last night’s American Cinematheque Awards in Los Angeles and has been dubbed “antique grandma.” Not only did it perfectly coordinate with her patterned Ralph Lauren gown, but it makes a strong case for nail designs that resemble your grandmother’s couch.

In a press release, celebrity nail stylist Elle Gerstein explains that the look was inspired by a tortoiseshell manicure with a red line detail that she recently did for Lively. “The initial thought was to create a blonde tortoise to be the opposite of the last tortoise, but then Blake suggested tapestry flowers,” she says. “Coincidentally, it ended up matching her wallpaper — talk about inspiration!”

The key to getting the look right, she explains, is mixing nail polishes to create the perfect custom shade that’s totally unique. “I’m grateful for Blake’s visions and taste for mixing colors until they are JUST RIGHT,” Gerstein said in an Instagram caption. “Her love of texture is truly divine!”


Gertsen started by mixing LeChat Perfect Match Gel Polish in Golden Boy-Friend (a golden yellow) with a small amount of LeChat Perfect Match Gel Polish in Risque Business, a deep brown shade. “Just add enough to get that real mustard color or your desired yellow,” she advises.

Gerstein shares that she then created the flower petal design by combining LeChat Perfect Match Wine and Unwind and LeChat Perfect Match Risque Business. By adding small specks of clear polish at the flowers’ bases, she gave them a washed-out, vintage vibe. To form the green leaves, she used LeChat Perfect Match Gel Polish in Olivia, a rich olive green. A light coat of LeChat Perfect Match Gel Polish in Seriously Golden, a holographic golden glitter, gave the look some light and dimension to top things off.

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Finally, Gerstein laid down her technique behind the manicure’s “antique effect” that blends everything together. “I took a clear polish adding a little hint of the brown, almost like you’re going to stain it,” she says. “Using this as the layer on top to finish the look creates the antique grandmother effect. We chose to keep it shiny, but you could also make it matte if that’s your preference.”

Ahead, shop the exact polishes Gershwin used to create Lively’s “antique grandma” floral nails.