This Just In — Dark Green Is *The* Chic Nail Shade You’ll Want To Wear All Winter Long

And well afterwards, too.

dark green nails with marbling

There once was a time when dark nails were strictly considered “goth”, but those days are long gone. Now, moody shades like forest green and maroon are not only on-trend but impossibly chic for winter — or anytime, really. All year long, celebrities like Cardi B, Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez, Megan Thee Stallion, and Vanessa Hudgens have played and experimented with dark green nails, putting their own distinct spin on the buzzy color trend. The rich, deep shade has all the opulence of a black polish, but with just enough visible color to catch the light — and several eyes — at your next party.

Somehow, though, even with so much celebrity love, dark green nails still feel a bit unexpected and under-the-radar in the best way. A large part of why is just how many different shades and styles there are to try — the list is truly endless. Pull a Jenner and go for a martini-perfect olive green shade, or opt for something a bit more mysterious, dark, and metallic. Whatever your aesthetic, there’s a dark green manicure made to match it. Ahead, discover all the dark green nail inspo you’ll need this season and beyond. This trend looks like one here to stay.


Indecisive personalities will love these mix-and-match nails. This manicure has a bit of everything — including sparkles, reptile print, and a cool drip design — so you’ll never get bored.

Sweater Nails

What could be better in the cold months than cozying up with this sweater-inspired manicure? The realistic pattern is a cool optical illusion while the solid green nails add balance — maybe “grandpacore” nails are the next big thing?

Metallic Polish

When you use such an eye-catching polish like a metallic, it’s practically nail art unto itself — without the stress of messing it up or getting those tiny details juuust right.

Contrasting Colors

This half-and-half look is endlessly chic — and prevents you from having to choose just one nail shade.

Marbled Effect

Marble is the ideal look for fall and winter. This stunning green update on the timeless style is sure to prompt many compliments.

Bold Swirls

The swirl nail craze isn’t slowing down anytime soon. This nude-and-green combo is the perfect way to bring the trend into the winter season.

French Tips

If Y2K trends taught us anything, it’s that you can never go wrong with French tips. This dark green version is extra moody because it almost looks black in certain light.

Alternating Finishes

Matte, gloss, or...some of each? Have it both ways with a dark green manicure featuring matte and glossy finishes. The contrast just helps the color look even bolder.

Olive Green

Kendall Jenner-approved olive nails are technically a dark green, too, but with added brown and yellow tones for warmth. Shiny and somewhat unexpected, they’d look perfect wrapped around a martini glass stem.

Contrasting Glitter

Perfect for the festive season, this manicure incorporates gold sparkle for a unique set that’ll light up any holiday party.

V-Shaped French Tips

Want to shake up your usual manicure without sacrificing the easy glamour of a French manicure? Just got a for a dark green v-shaped version instead — it’s the same sophistication with a fun, spirited twist.

Subtle Nail Art

Who said dark green can’t be romantic? The dainty heart design is so sweet and subtle peeking out from the deep green beds.

Crocodile Nails

You’d almost certainly have to tap a pro to bring this crocodile print to life, but it looks well worth it. The textures and tones are so true-to-life, you won’t be able to stop touching the “scaly” manicure.

Peacock Green

The chrome nail trend is far from over and Vanessa Hudgens’ disco twist on the viral manicure is so cool for winter. It looks like different colors depending on the angle, including a rich, vibrant peacock green.