You’ve Never Seen A Halloween Manicure Quite Like Megan Thee Stallion’s

Hot Ghoul Halloween.

Megan Thee Stallion selfie

Forgot Hot Girl Summer — it’s time to follow Megan Thee Stallion’s impressive lead and gear up for a rapidly-approaching Hot Ghoul Halloween. Though Meg is the unchallenged purveyor of all things summertime, her penchant for good-natured theatrics, wordplay, and delightfully over-the-top hair, makeup, and outfits positions her as a serious Halloween authority. And as it happens, she already has your ultimate Halloween nail inspo locked up. Megan Thee Stallion’s spider nails are at once creepy-crawly and seriously chic thanks to the intricate design and glossy finish. Created for a special, as-yet-unnamed Stranger Things special, Megan’s love for horror movie motifs yielded the coolest spooky season manicure of the year so far.

The airbrushed, jewel-accented spiders were featured as a deep cut in Megan’s latest photodump, which also shows off excellent shots of her new fiery red hair. In one picture, the Hot Girl Captain is seen peering over a stack of Stranger Things-branded note cards, the spider-covered acrylics holding them up. In the final shot of the carousel, fans can see a close-up look at the wildly accurate detailing that went into each tiny spider. They’re 10 miniature Black Widows all in varying stages of spine-chilling motion, but not without some seriously opulent touches.


The long, clear acrylics help put the focus on the colors and texture of Meg’s itsy-bitsy spiders and the rhinestone accents that take them to the next level. Tiny ruby red crystals accent the arachnids’ abdomens, creating the hourglass shape synonymous with deadly Black Widow spiders. Even smaller blue rhinestones serve as eyes, giving the creatures a spooky, otherworldly stare.


It looks like Megan’s go-to nail artist, celebrity manicurist Cocoa Michelle, created the spiders for the theme-loving star. Michelle’s masterful command of even the tiniest details brought the look to life, with lifelike shading and color gradients on each spider. It’s the ultimate Halloween manicure, and it does it all without invoking more overt themes like pumpkins or ghosts.

In true Stallion style, the nails only hung around for a brief period. She’s already moved on to yet another style, this one covered in happy-go-lucky pink swirls. She contains multitudes, of course, but does anyone else think Megan Thee Spider has a nice ring to it?