PFW’s Street Style Beauty Looks Add French-Girl Flair To The Year’s Biggest Trends

Ah, Paris in the almost springtime.

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PARIS, FRANCE - FEBRUARY 28: A guest wears sunglasses from Gucci, a black with yellow gold print pat...

Few things can get a beauty-and-fashion lover's heart racing like these three little words: Paris Fashion Week. Taking place at the tail-end of Fashion Month as a whole, it’s like the culmination of every fashion event all year — and the celebrities, designers, and it-girls always in attendance prove it. Accordingly, the street style at PFW — beauty moments included — is consistently some of the year’s best, too. The streets of Paris play host to both perennially classic beauty staples like deep, winter-perfect lip colors as well as newly-minted trends for only the most daring (bleached brows, anyone?) but they’re always presented with singular French flair. Knowing that a frenzy of long-lensed cameras is lurking around every coin de la rue, Paris’ most well-turned-out citizens (and plenty of stylish visitors and imports) step out in their most striking hairstyles, makeup looks, manicures, and ensembles. Stateside, fashion fans obsess over every look and post-show photo, examining the street style stars for clues on the trends of tomorrow.

Below, TZR is kicking Paris Fashion Week off with a running list of the coolest street style beauty looks straight from the City of Lights. The week-long event just began on the last day of February and already photo services and social media are inundated with impossibly chic beauty moments — and there’s plenty more to come, too. Scroll through for fresh inspiration, a trend report, or just some aesthetic stimulation. After all, it might just be the single most stylish week of the entire calendar year.

Piecey Bangs

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Bangs of all sorts are having the kind of in-demand renaissance other hairstyle trends can only dream of — and this Off-White guest gets bonus points for the way her piecey fringe delicately brushes her equally-stylish sunglasses. No matter how hair is pulled up and back, face-framing bits will always add a bit of model-off-duty flair.

Pops Of Color

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Though the clothes presented on the runway are ostensibly for the upcoming fall and winter, there are plenty of spring and summer beauty trends displayed through the shows’ stylish guests. Here, French influencer Paola Locatelli introduces the world to the mood-boosting power of mint green eye makeup, complemented by rose-toned lips with a satin finish.

The Wet Hair Look

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French-girl beauty is synonymous with (seemingly) low-maintenance makeup and hair that still manages to deliver maximum impact. Here, it’s put to excellent effect as a Fashion Week attendee rocks the celeb-loved wet hair look. Plus, the relaxed hairstyle makes a delightfully over-the-top outfit full of shimmery metallic pastels look as comfortable as blue jeans.

Coordinated Colors

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A deep lip is always chic and deep nail polish is always chic — so what happens when you combine the two in a stroke of color-coordinating genius? One of the coolest beauty looks of Paris Fashion Week, of course. This guest’s matching oxblood lipstick and nail polish play so well off the goblet-green Bottega bag dangling from her shoulder.

Haunting Hair Accessories

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Finally, all the evidence needed to prove that hairbows (even oversized hairbows) don’t have to look childish — even when paired with bold color combinations and a plushie puppy purse. This attendee turns up the goth factor by wrapping her sea-green hair in a black tulle bow worthy of its own music video appearance.

Multifaceted Manicures

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Social media sensation Tina Leung absolutely always delivers, but her 3D manicure at Paris Fashion Week is legitimately jaw-dropping. Leung’s manicure, filed into long almond-shaped nails, seems to feature a sparkly silver French tips design with protruding crystals adhered to the center of each. They’re the ultimate finishing touch to an equally mesmerizing outfit.

Matching Wolf Cuts

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One of the most stylish pairs on the streets of Paris didn’t have much in common sartorially, but their matching haircuts spell out pure cohesion. Both guests are wearing their version of a mullet/wolf cut, the edgy haircut trend celebrities and civilians alike can’t get enough of.

Bleached Brows

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Bleached brows might have made a dramatic appearance on the Milan Fashion Week runways, but their impact clearly reaches further than just Itay. This PFW attendee is hiding bleached hair under an Off-White beanie, but the bleached brows just below the embroidered logo are trendy enough on their own.

Red Copper Hair

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Stateside, it seems like every It-girl — including Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney — are going for a springtime hair color upgrade by transitioning to copper-infused hair colors. It seems like the trend is just as popular in the streets of Paris, though, as evidenced by this guest’s fantastically full Afro, dyed a warm copper cinnamon shade — and it plays so well off her red-and-pink ensemble, too.

Money Pieces

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And speaking of major hair color trends, it’s clear that the money piece trend — undoubtedly one of the biggest and most universal beauty fads of the past few years — is still going strong. When coupled with 2022’s big emphasis on ultra-sleek, slicked-down styles, the money piece becomes even chicer. Here, a Fashion Week attendee shows off both (and a copper-adjacent color of her own, too) for a cool-girl take on business casual.

Power Pigtails

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When styled like this, there’s nothing childish about a pair of perky pigtails. This European influencer dressed hers up with wavy textures, tiny braids hidden throughout, and two delicate face-framing tendrils for a Euphoria-reminiscent look perfect for spring.

Blunt Bangs

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Curtain bangs and bottleneck bangs are enjoying a fun run right now, but nothing compares to the drama and face-transforming power of a straight-across fringe. This Paris Fashion Week attendee adds an even more stylish spin to the bangs by keeping them long, sleek, and lower lash-skimming for curtain-like drama — and bonus points for the bold pop of candy-pink blush, too.

Vintage Flair

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There’s a lot to love about a particularly voluminous hairstyle, especially when it takes on a vintage edge like this PFW guest’s Priscilla Presley-reminiscent look complete with a Barbie-pink tweed dress by Valentino. The extra height at the crown is worth copying immediately.

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