These 9 Takes On The Curly Wolf Cut Will Make It Your New Go-To For Fall

Chop, chop.

by Natasha Marsh

Wolf cuts, the hybrid between a mullet and shag, have been trending for a couple seasons now. In fact, the straight, and sleeker versions have garnered some 2 billion likes on TikTok. And luckily, the edgy look works flawlessly on all curl types, too. Ahead, nine iterations of the cut with curls of all spirals.

Diffused To Perfection

Diffusing curls will give stronger definition and make your style last longer. To create more of an edge, have your stylist add in wispy layers and highlights.

Edge Power

As if wolf cuts don’t already make a statement, add more dimension with some edge design. Grab your favorite edge brush and styler (pomade, wax, or curl cream) and work in as many swirls as you like along the hairline.

Hang Time

Layered, choppy, and feathery is the vibe in this long curly wolf cut. For day-to-day styling, rake in a curl cream or lightweight oil in your hair to keep flyaways at bay.

Short & Chic

Although the wolf cut is often seen on longer manes, short hair wearers can still have some fun with the trend. If you have shoulder-grazing hair, make sure your stylist cuts in layers on the side to appear to the mullet aspect of the wolf cut.

Fiery Fall

What makes a wolf cut so cool is the separation in layers, giving it a full look at the top that seamlessly blends into a shaggy mullet on the sides. Want to make it even cooler? Add in a firecracker red to boost your overall style.

Undercut It

If you have super thick hair, undercuts are a great way to take out some bulk from the hair, allowing it to lay flatter. Done visibly on the side, at the nape of the neck, or underneath your hair for a peak-a-boo effect, it’s a great fall addition to the curly wolf cut.

Soft Wolf

The hip cousin to the shag, a curly wolf cut naturally has a lot more texture than the straighter varieties. This softer approacher still has the signature disconnected layers but with gentler volume for minimal maintenance.

Blonde Takeover

Blonde is a season-less shade and one that will always demand attention, especially when paired with a distinct cut like this. For curly-haired individuals, feel free to add in darker toned highlights and a curl refresh spray in-between washes to keep the look bright and vibrant.

Rock Out

Big hair, don’t care is the vibe for this blown-out curly look. Embrace the way your hair naturally wants to fall with bangs dropping low in the front and sides, and curls living freely.


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