8 Edgy Ways To Style Micro Bangs In 2023

The polarizing look is having a moment.

by Natasha Marsh
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Curtain bangs, bottleneck bangs, and side bangs — the list of styles for this top trend goes on and on. But if you’re looking for a low-maintenance option, micro bangs, aka baby bangs, are the way to go. Ahead, eight ways to wear micro bangs, the small but mighty versatile style.

Skullet Hybrid

Interested in redoing your whole look? The skullet, the mullet and shag hybrid, looks great with micro bangs. It helps further frame the face and adds a layer of chicness to the shaggy cut. To keep this looking sharp, add a dime-size amount of pomade to your fingertips to smooth any stray pieces.

Wavy & Free

Micro bangs can be blunt, choppy, or layered. For type 3 waves, a perfectly undone finish looks incredibly cool. Spritz in a texturizing spray to add even more movement to your layers.

Piece Of Me

Micro bangs don’t just suit bobs and shorter cuts, you can wear them with medium to long-length hair, too. To switch up the look, work in a gel to lend a piece-y finish to your fringe.

Make It Blunt

Like the rest of the style variations, these straight micro bangs don’t require an entire product overhaul. In fact, to keep fringe looking salon-fresh, all you need is a quick swipe of a flat iron or pomade for a soft-to-touch style.


Show off your cheekbones with a wispy micro fringe. These tossed mini bangs work perfectly with wavy hair types as the movement will help bring more volume and lift to the overall appearance.

Undercut It

The undercut, a technique that minimizes the hair on the sides or nape of the neck to relieve weight, looks cool and edgy with micro bangs. The blunt lines taken through the middle of the head is the ultimate punk rock aesthetic.

French Chic

Take a page out of Emma Watson, Gigi Hadid, and Natalie Portman’s book with this Parisian-chic micro bang. Parted in the middle for extra flare and smoothed out with an anti-frizz cream to keep fly aways at bay, this look is guaranteed to never fall out of fashion.

Shag Fever

Worn on any length, texture, and color, micro bangs are the 2023 way to update a shag cut. For an ultra-shiny finish, place bangs down with a smoothing cream.


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