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The Volumizing Mascaras That Trick Everyone Into Thinking I Have Extensions


Erin Lukas
best volumizing mascaras
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My general rule of thumb is to live my daily life drama-free outside of whatever Real Housewives franchise I’m currently staying up to date on. This ethos extends to my typical beauty routine, which consists of blow-drying my hair in its naturally straight texture and doing a quick no-makeup makeup look. The one exception I make is with my lashes — I want them to be jet black, bold, and ridiculously full. Aesthetics aside, this lash style is also practical because it makes me look more alert and awake — even if I stayed up way too late the night prior or my eyes are puffy from seasonal allergies. Thankfully, achieving thick, fluffy lashes can be low-key with the help of one of the best volumizing mascaras.

While lash extensions are touted as a low-maintenance, longer-lasting alternative to applying mascara every day, I actually think the contrary. It’s recommended you get extensions refilled every two to three weeks, you can’t use products with certain ingredients around your eyes when you have them installed, and they can be tough on your natural lashes. Due to these factors, I’ll stick to good old mascara, thank you very much. Plus, with so many innovative volumizing mascaras that deliver dramatic results, I don’t feel like I’m missing out. These next-gen formulas cater to every lash niche, whether you like a thick clumpy lashes or a full, fanned-out look.

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