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Becky G On The One Serum She Relies On For Shiny Hair

The singer shares her entire beauty routine.

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In TZR’s Face Time, celebrities and tastemakers share the nitty-gritty details of their beauty and wellness routines — from holy-grail products to non-negotiable treatments.

Take a quick scroll through Becky G’s Instagram, and you’re bound to find at least three gorgeous looks you’ll want to try out for yourself. From hair to bold makeup, she never seems to miss. It’d be easy to say that her glamorous life, filled with red carpets, sold-out concerts, and photoshoots, is what fuels her inspiring feed. But when it comes to creating even the smallest beauty moments, she begins with humble basics. “As my grandmother would say, there's no better accessory for a woman than a smile,” she mentions over a Zoom call. Coincidently, she mentions that her smile lines are deep-set — something she’s particularly proud of as it means there’s a lot to be happy about.

That priceless family advice has kept Becky’s beauty routine rooted in balance. Whether on tour or shooting a new music video, she maintains a consistent regimen and a close circle of experts that keep her grounded. Over the course of TZR’s chat with the Mexican-American singer, she divulges the skin care and hair care products she swears by and her hacks for a mindful life.

Ahead, she gets real about her routines, beauty devices, and daily rituals.

On Her Nighttime Skin Care Routine


“I’m guilty of over-complicating my skin care routine. When new products come out, I always want to try them just to see what the hype is about. But I’ve realized that it’s not always best for my skin. To minimize breakouts, I like to keep my routines streamlined. The first thing I do at night is double cleanse. I wear makeup pretty much every day, so it’s important to take it off before hopping into my routine. I love using Desi Perkins’ SKIN SO BALM from her Deziskin line because it melts everything away and comes in travel-friendly packaging (which is always a plus).

I have combination skin and go through phases of having dry and oily areas, so I use products that can address both. I start by cleansing with Brave Soldier Clean Skin — a gentle clarifying wash that doesn’t strip or dry out my skin and even doubles as a body wash. I also exfoliate often and currently use Earth Science Apricot Facial Scrub. My esthetician, Vanessa Hernandez, introduced me to it, and I love that it’s not too harsh. I follow that up with Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum. It’s hydrating, and the serum-oil formula never gives me blemishes.

I’ve recently added the TheraFace PRO device to my routine. It’s a little fancy, but I’m obsessed with it because it’s made such a difference in my skin. Along with massaging my facial muscles, I like to use its built-in microcurrent and LED light therapy treatments.”

On Her Morning Skin Care Routine

“My morning skin care routine is the same as my nightly one. I follow the same order, except I don’t need to remove my makeup before cleansing. The one difference is my shower routine. I like to start the day with a morning shower to wake me up. I always end them with 30 seconds of freezing cold water (or as close to that as I can stand). It’s such a good practice for my skin and hair, even if it’s not a wash day.”

On Her Makeup Must-Haves


I love a good lash and brow moment. Right now, I’m loving Lashify’s Lash Extensions. They are a game-changer and make me feel unstoppable. Who wouldn’t want to wake up with gorgeous lashes every day? I also love a pop of blush. I use my Ready To Bounce cream blushes from my makeup brand, Treslúce Beauty [currently on hiatus], even when I’m going makeup-up-free. It gives me a healthy flush and makes me look alive. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to use.

On Her Hair Routine

“If it’s a hair wash day, the first thing I do after I shower is hit my hair with Tresemmé’s Keratin Smooth Weightless Fortifying Heat Protection Spray. Growing up, I didn’t take the best care of my hair. Between over-processing it with colors and using too much heat, it went through the ringer. Healthy hair is something that I don’t take for granted, so now I prioritize preventative products. The heat protectant spray after the shower is a must because it seals my hair and adds a layer of protection for whatever I’m about to put it through.

Hydration is also super important, especially during the winter when my hair feels brittle and dry. I like to incorporate Tresemmé’s Keratin Smooth Weightless Silk Serum to lock in moisture and hydrate the ends of my hair. Some products leave a sticky residue, but this one feels weightless and works well after styling or in between washes to add shine.”

On The Beauty Pros She Has On Speed Dial

“I’m pretty lucky to have built a community of beauty experts I fully trust. I go to my esthetician as often as I can for facials and skin care advice. She’s also Latina and gets my skin in a way others don’t always understand. Brows are a staple part of my look, so I try to get them done whenever I have time. I always go to Lily Maldonado in LA. Funny story, she went to the same high school as my parents and also does a few of my friends’ brows like Normani and Desi Perkins.

I recently had the opportunity to work with Justine Marjan for New York Fashion Week. I had admired her work for a while, so she was my number-one call. Aside from styling abilities, she has a gorgeous head of hair that has a similar consistency to mine. That said, I trusted her completely, and we came up with some incredible looks for the week.”

On Her Wellness Routine


“Health and wellness are really important to me. I like to stay active and strive to workout five days a week if I can. If not five, I’ll definitely do three. It’s not just about being in shape but also helps with mental health. I didn’t realize how some of the simplest things, like a lack of vitamin D, can contribute to your mental state. I now try to get at least five minutes of sun and do daily guided meditations using an app. Sleep is also something that I try to keep in balance. Too often, we underestimate the significance of rest. I use melatonin gummies to make sure I get a restful sleep and don’t wake up groggy.”