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Megan McIntyre

Megan is a beauty and wellness writer based in Denver. You can read her work on Byrdie, Glamour, Coveteur, Marie Claire, Elle, Gossamer, and Fashionista. She is also a freelance copywriter and brand consultant for a diverse array of brands, including Shen Beauty in Brooklyn, Kiehl's, Ulta, Aveda, Pantene, Nexxus, and many more. Prior to her freelance life, Megan was the beauty director at Refinery29, a senior editor for Daily Makeover, and an assistant editor at Women's Wear Daily. She lived in Brooklyn for 15 years before deciding she liked proximity to skiing better than proximity to bagels (for shame!) and packed up her husband, 13-year-old Schnoodle, and borderline hoarder levels of face serums to head to Colorado. She loves the mountains and easy access to cannabis edibles, but TBH really misses decent bagels. Follow her on Instagram @megsmcintyre for her skin care nerd outs and perpetually sarcastic take on, well, everything.

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