Why Diane Keaton's 1970s Style Is A Must Try For Fall 2020

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First there was Katharine Hepburn during the 1940s, taking an antiquated mold of femininity and spinning it on its head for the first time wearing suits and silken trousers when dresses were the norm. During the 1970s, Diane Keaton's androgynous personal style represented a new era of Hollywood fashion, one that has endured into the modern era and can all be encapsulated by a few key ingredients. First, a hat of some sort — typically a bowler. Suiting separates including but not limited to a vest or blazer. Then, a tie — the tie is very important. Throw in some wide-leg slouchy slacks and cowboy boots and what you have is your very own Keaton style starter kit.

Of course, Keaton's borrowed-from-the-boys aesthetic was thrust into the spotlight after portraying the character Annie Hall. Alongside costume designer Ruth Morley, Keaton dreamt up Hall's signature look — inspired entirely by her real-life wardrobe — and thus a gender-bending archetype was created. In past interviews, Keaton nodded to what was going on in the streets of SoHo as influencing the way she dressed. It was the '70s and the US was on the heels of the women's liberation movement. Annie Hall mirrored many women's transition from mini skirts to power suits. Fast forward to 2020, a time when Keaton continues to share her personal style via Instagram, and the relevance of this unapologetic fashion legacy feels hyper-timely (as does that "Vote B*tches" hat she wore recently). Ahead, brush up on some of Keaton's most iconic '70s style moments and shop the pieces to emulate her spirit this fall.

Diane Keaton's Iconic Style: The Annie Hall Suit

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Perhaps Keaton's most memorable look, her vest-and-tie outfit from Annie Hall was inspired by her personal style off-screen. Recreate this vibe for autumn with versatile pieces in your wardrobe including a vest — one of the season's must-try items.

Diane Keaton's Iconic Style: The Tie

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There's something that feels oh-so-appealing about a plaid blazer and tie combination at this moment in time. After all, womenswear ties popped up on several of the Fall/Winter 2020 runways (Prada, Christian Dior, and Gucci all come to mind). Make one your must-own autumn accessory.

Diane Keaton's Iconic Style: Cool Corduroy

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Another fall staple, corduroy, is a long-time Keaton favorite. Her head-to-toe styling of the sturdy fabric is the perfect way to embrace a '70s aesthetic while still incorporating modern layers and accessories. Wear this statement suit with a graphic tee underneath and high-top sneakers for an easy weekend getup.

Diane Keaton's Iconic Style: The Bowler Hat

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You're not really in the style cult of Keaton until you own at least one bowler hat. As illustrated above, it's a quick way to add personality to a look. Style yours with suiting separates and a pair of cowboy boots for an effortless aesthetic.

Diane Keaton's Iconic Style: All About Layering

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The secret to achieving Keaton's inimitable style is layering. Start with a turtleneck, layer a button-down cardigan or vest on top, and finish with a blazer. Below, reach for wide-leg trousers. And don't forget a pair of bookish glasses for good measure!

Diane Keaton's Iconic Style: Preppy Plaid

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Autumn is an excellent time to incorporate fresh textures into your wardrobe. Think corduroy, wool, velvet, and similar tactile moments. It's also a great time of year to bring out the plaid en masse; Keaton's look above showcases how two plaids are, in fact, better than one.