Diane Keaton's Style Over The Decades Is Still *Very* Much On Trend In 2020

by Danielle Naer
Moviestore Collection/Shutterstock

When reflecting on the best-dressed from history, tastemakers tend to gravitate towards those who have withstood the test of time. The same can be said about Diane Keaton's fashion style over the years, which has evolved after a half-century of red carpet looks, while somehow remaining consistently good. Keaton has seamlessly executed one dynamic look after the next and her latest look in 2020 is no different.

With heavy rotation of bowler hats and overcoats, the actor has created a distinct look that will surely continue for generations on end. On Feb. 4, she took a walkabout through Manhattan in a look that, incorporating both signatures, was just as chic as you'd expect. The outfit was equal parts Uptown and Downtown, with her structured black trench and circular sunnies creating a shape-centric look. Her fitted turtleneck pulled the whole top-half together, drawing on the shadowy winter outfit that everyone resorts to now and again. Rather than donning head-to-toe black, Keaton opted for a '70s twist. Beneath her coat were a pair of classic denim wide-leg flare jeans, partnered with a set of chocolate platform booties. It was the perfect marriage of sophistication and retro-casual, making an idyllic look for her day of mural-peeping.


Her sartorial past is a case study in dressing. It started with a gender-bending look from 1977 film Annie Hall, where she sported a vest and an oversized tie. This later became an interesting feature of her personal style. The star would always incorporate dynamic suits and shapely bowties into her public appearances, which is where her layering prowess started. From there, it was voluminous skirts, thick belts, and intriguing jewelry.

Moviestore Collection/Shutterstock

To take style notes from her 50-year reign, you can start with her classic base, which almost always has a high-neck feature. This ensures that that bottom tier will always peek out, making layering unfussy for the first time. Next, slip into a pair of trousers if you're after a more powerful look, or, pair a skirt if you're in the mood for something classic. Finish with a long coat to tie everything together, and accessorize as expressly as Keaton would.

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