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Water-Free Skincare Products Are Eco-Friendly *And* Good For Your Skin

The question of sustainability is one that nearly every industry is trying to answer with innovative ways to cut back on waste, from Starbucks’ ban on straws to fashion’s call for more made-on-demand clothing. Beauty enthusiasts, too, are doing their part to make environmentally-conscious choices — whether that’s through participating in “low buy” or “no buy” months, seeking out brands that use recycled packaging, or supporting companies that ethically source ingredients. But in the quest for sustainable skincare, one major area of the industry has been overlooked: water waste. According to beauty brands championing dry masks and oil-based essentials, water-free skincare products are the eco-friendly beauty step your sustainable routine is missing.

“Well, the dirty little secret is that the $3.4 trillion global beauty and wellness industry is wasting water,” Tina Hedges, the founder and CEO of LOLI Beauty, tells The Zoe Report. “Check out the labels on your skin, hair, or body care bottles — you’ll find most of them list ‘aqua’ as the first ingredient.” I took Hedges’ challenge; she’s right. And since labels' ingredient lists appear in descending order, that points to a whole lot of water just sitting on the shelf. “Essentially, those 12 to 15 products in your beauty cabinet are up to 90 percent just plain, purified water,” Hedges claims.

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To be clear, water isn’t a necessarily a bad or even useless ingredient. As a solvent, water helps dissolve potent actives and when blended with emulsifiers and oils, it seals hydration into the skin. “Nonetheless, it just doesn’t make sense to purchase expensive moisturizer in a jar or bottle that’s mostly plain water, despite that around 700 million people across 43 countries today are suffering from water scarcity,” Hedges says. According to a 2020 trend report from forecasting agency WGSN, this checks out. “Water remains a key area of concern, particularly across Asia, where China’s second most threatening environmental issue continues to be water shortage,” WGSN reported.

With LOLI, a skincare company that boasts zero-waste, food-grade, waterless products, Hedges is on a mission to “stir up” the skincare industry and prove that water-free skincare is not only possible — it’s more effective, too.

“Our approach to waterless beauty is based on offering effective products that aren’t diluted with tons of water, an inactive and a bacteria-breeding ingredient,” Hedges says. The brand’s Purple Corn Grains base, a dry exfoliating powder, is a standout — it’s meant to be mixed with a touch of water, hydrosol, or vinegar at home and used as a mask or scrub. “Our water-activated ingredients remain fresher and more potent since they haven’t been sitting on a store shelf, diluted in water and over-packaged in plastic for 12 months,” the founder says.

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It’s true that water encourages the growth of harmful bacteria, and skincare products with a high concentration of water also require a high concentration of preservatives — often of the chemical variety, since safe, natural preservatives are few and far between — to extend their shelf life. “You may have better luck achieving a preservative and chemical-free face mask by using a high quality powdered [formula],” Dr. Jennifer Vickers, a dermatologist at Sanova Dermatology in Texas, confirms in an email to The Zoe Report.

Waterless skincare isn’t the only way that LOLI Beauty is stirring up the concept of sustainability, though: The brand also favors ingredients that have been up-cycled from organic food waste that would’ve otherwise ended up in landfills. “If there is an ingredient with a supply chain that generates waste, we up-cycle,” Hedges says. “For our Plum Elixir, we work with a farm in France to cold press the kernel of the plum that is discarded when they make prune juice or pitted plums.” The Date Nut Brûlée is sourced in a similar fashion, from factories that specialize in pitting dates. “They are also really powerful skin and hair ingredients,” Hedges tells TZR.

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Of course, sustainable skincare is about more than just what goes into the products — it’s also about how the product goes into the world. “Sustainability influences everything from how we source and formulate to how we package and ship our products,” Hedges says, citing the LOLI’s “recycled, reusable, recyclable, certified biodegradable, and approximately 90 percent plastic-free” packaging. She adds that the company uses only responsible manufacturers that are USDA Certified Organic, ECOCERT certified, or FSC certified — many of whom use biodynamic practices to grow ingredients and wind energy to produce.

“According to research, 27 percent of consumers are conscious of water usage and looking to change their habits,” Hedges tells TZR — a number that’s sure to grow as eco-friendly beauty practices become the norm and LOLI spreads its influence. If you’re among those searching for ways to help the environment via your beauty routine, waterless skincare is a great place to start.

Ahead, 13 waterless products to add a touch of sustainability to your skincare collection.

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Plum Elixir


LOLI Beauty

The Plum Elixir features “a unique blend of three other food-grade oils, like the omega-rich sea buckthorn fruit oil and powerful antioxidant pomegranate seed oil,” the founder says. Its antioxidant status “can help fight damaging free radical oxidants, which accelerate aging,” Dr. Jennifer Herrmann, a dermatologist at MFC Dermatology and consultant for DNAEGF Renewal, tells The Zoe Report; while the omega-3 fatty acids inside “make it a lightweight moisturizer that is quickly absorbed and doesn’t clog pores.”

Golden Clay Mask



Made with French yellow clay and golden flaxseed meal, SallyeAnder’s mask gently grabs impurities from the skin’s surface without being overly harsh, so it’s a must for anyone who's sensitive *and* sustainably-minded. Just mix a tablespoon with equal parts water, apply the paste to your face, and rinse off after 15 minutes.



LOLI x Natch Beaut

LOLI launched a line in collaboration with beauty influencer and podcaster Natch Beaut on Feb. 15., and the best of the bunch is this waterless micellar cleanser. It uses food-grade seed oils to create a slippery texture perfect for cleansing — it can even stand in for your serum.

Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm


One Love Organics

There’s no water in One Love Organics’ balm — but there *is* a whole lot of moisturizing coconut oil, hydrating mango butter, oil-regulating jojoba, and plumping chia seed oil. Use it as an oil cleanser to remove makeup before bed.

Date Nut Brûlée


LOLI Beauty

“Our Date Nut Brûlée doubles as a water-free, melting cleansing balm and super moisturizing treatment,” Hedges says. Thanks to date nut oil’s high vitamin B (aka, niacinamide) content, this product is especially helpful to “help to fade dark spots,” Dr. Aanand Geria of Geria Dermatology tells TZR.

Rose Clay Mask



French rose clay comes together with rosehip essential oil in this waterless mix to calm reactive skin. Blend the powder with water (for sensitive skin), honey (for dry skin), or yogurt (for compromised skin) to tweak it to suit your needs.

Youth Revealed Face Mask


Nannette de Gaspé Beauty

No water equals more room for skin-healthy nutrients. “Our waterless formulation features a whopping 90 percent concentration of powerful active ingredients and emollients,” Nannette de Gaspé, the founder of her eponymous waterless skincare line, tells The Zoe Report. The Youth Revealed Face Mask boasts a high concentration of peptides to fill in fine lines and firm skin.

Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%



The vitamin C in this serum from The Ordinary stays stable thanks to the absence of water. In its place? A healthy dose of hyaluronic acid to add moisture, for a combination that simultaneously brightens and hydrates.

Purple Corn Grains


LOLI Beauty

“At LOLI Beauty, our water-free approach includes never adding fillers, toxins, chemicals, or synthetics like emulsifiers — just food-grade, organic, or biodynamic ingredients,” Hedges says. The Purple Corn Grains scrub features Peruvian purple corn (which has more antioxidants than blueberries), almond flour (to buff away dead skin cells), and kaolin clay (to absorb excess oils).



The NUE Co

Since water destabilizes vitamin C, The NUE Co came up with a genius solution: a dry vitamin C powder that can be mixed in with any of your usual serums to give it an antioxidant and tone-evening boost.

Turmeric Face Mask


YLLO Beauty

Turmeric is the star ingredient in YLLO Beauty’s waterless offering. Mixed with honey, it makes for a face mask that heals blemishes, brightens skin tone, and even lightens facial hair, according to the brand.



Maya Chia

For a waterless (read: oil-heavy) cream, this feels surprisingly lightweight. Reach for it in lieu of your usual moisturizer for a hydration infusion, thanks to chia seed oil and vitamin E.



Charlotte Tilbury

If the constant slipping and dripping of sheet masks leaves you frustrated (just me?), try this dry version from Charlotte Tilbury instead. It’s packed with oils (olive, sunflower seed, avocado) and butters (shea, mango) to moisturize sans water.

Sea Moss Exfoliator



Add a touch of water or oil to Cocokind's Sea Moss Exfoliator and use it as a gentle scrub. It removes buildup and leaves behind sea minerals that soften and strengthen skin.