Dermalogica’s 5-Star Cream Is About To Get Even More Hydrating


Finding your right moisturizer is one of the first steps in perfecting your skincare routine. According to the hundreds of people on the store's website, the Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance cream is, to put it simply, incredible. The moisturizer has a five-star rating from over 200 reviews and 98 percent of users would recommend it to a friend. While most brands would be satisfied at this cult status (seeing an online product review section's "Cons" column absolutely blank is an Internet feat), Dermalogica announced Dec. 17 that the fan favorite is being reformulated to be even more hydrating.

"To restore and prevent dry skin from becoming worse, lipids need to be replenished, nourished, and protected," Dermalogica tells The Zoe Report via email. "With this in mind, Dermalogica enhanced the performance of Intensive Moisture Balance — [its] go-to moisturizer for dry skin — while retaining ingredients clients love from the original formula."

The upgraded Intensive Moisture Balance cream is launching Jan. 6, along with a never-before-seen Intensive Moisture Cleanser. Both products will contain a cutting-edge BioReplenish Complex, Dermalogica's moisturizing lipid blend that helps build back up the skin's natural barrier. This, in turn, decreases the chance your skin loses water and develops wrinkles or an uneven texture.

Courtesy of Dermalogica

Besides much-needed lipids, the reformulated Intensive Moisture Balance will also contain prebiotic Chlorella algae complex, which works to bring peace and harmony to your skin's microbiome. The complex encourages growth of good bacteria and fights against bad bacteria, which may be the invisible nuisance drying out your skin.

Too far from a Dermalogica store to receive a Face Mapping skin analysis? Though getting a rejuvenating Dermalogica skin treatment via your iPhone isn't a possibility yet, the brand launched a website in tandem with the moisturizing products called Dry Skin Lens. Simply by using your webcam or your phone's camera to take a picture, the website analyzes your skin's moisture levels, ranking your skin from "not dry" to "severe".

While impressive, the website also tells you your skin's climate conditions after you input your location, rating the air pollution and humidity in your area. Though you no doubt know that winter is a harsh time on your skin, seeing the exact data on how your environment affects your skin is eye-opening; high air pollution can negatively affect the skin's barrier, and a dry environment can also dry out your skin.

Until January, you can shop Dermalogica's non-reformulated Intensive Moisture Balance cream online, and see what your skin has to tell you through the Dry Skin Lens.