History Buffs Should Add This Travel Destination To Their Bucket List ASAP

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A beach-y vacation is practically always a welcome getaway — especially this time of year — but for true history buffs, choosing a destination is typically about a whole lot more than getting your toes in the sand: Landmark sites, art, architecture, and even traditional local fare are all just as an important part of the journey as getting some R&R. And there's good news if you're the type to put historical travel activities at the top of your vacation to-do list: With a little help from Airbnb's curated list of experiences, it's both easy and affordable to go back in time and explore a city like the those of eras gone by.

One of the biggest travel trends in the past few years involves focusing your journey on experiences and, according to Airbnb, a historical slant is especially popular of late. The popular travel site says that not only have homes with historic keywords already been booked 50,000 times this year, but bookings for historical experiences have increased 116 percent globally. Additionally, the site's research showed that 32 percent of Americans resolved to learn more about history and culture in 2020, making these types of vacations a great alternative to the typical and traditional ones — and just as worthy of a place on your bucket list.

In case you need a little help planning your next historically focused getaway, just take a look at some of Airbnb's most popular experiences (which also happen to take place in some seriously vacation-worthy cities) which will give you an intimate look at back at the sites, the stories, and even some of the food that defines a destination.

Historical Travel Destination: Culture Walk In Teotihuacán


For those planning a trip to Mexico City, don't skip out on this guided tour of the City of Gods. The early morning walk includes a little trip to the iconic pyramids, as well taking in sights like murals, museums, and habitacional compounds. This experience starts at $69 per person, making it quite the bargain.

Historical Travel Destination: Walking Tour of Old Town Havana


These "free" tours are common in Havana, Cuba but take note: Tips are highly encouraged. This one will take you to see all the landmarks in Old Town (like art, architecture, and religious monuments), plus the local guide will open up a dialogue that will offer insider tips and answer your burning cultural questions.

Historical Travel Destination: Explore the Dutch Countryside


If Amsterdam has been on your radar, but you also want to explore some of the traditions of the old country, this bus tour will be right up your alley. It kicks off with a visit to the traditional windmills in Zaanse Schans, followed by an exploration of the cheesemaking process courtesy of a master producer near Volendam. After that you'll tour a clog factory and finish the day off by perusing the cozy fishermen houses in Marken. The tour starts at $32.

Historical Travel Destination: See the Castles of Sintra


A trip to Lisbon, Portugal just wouldn't be complete without a visit to the castles and palaces of Sintra, just a 30-minute drive away. This guided tour takes you through the labyrinth of streets (where you'll stop to sample the area's signature pastry), explore the Palace of Quinta da Regaleira, the coastal village of Azenhas do Marthe, and of course get an epic view of Pena Palace. Rates starts at $70.

Historical Travel Destination: Tour Hidden Rome's Bone Crypts


Get a peek into ancient Roman civilization with a visit to the Capuchin Crypts and the Basilica of San Clemente. Rates start at $41.

Historical Travel Destination: Wine Tour of Tbilisi

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Wines from Georgia may be one of the biggest booze trends at the moment, but in this capital city winemaking is a historic practice. So if you're an enthusiast, this atypical route is perfect for you, as you'll explore the town and learn some of the winemaking traditions. And yes, you'll stop for a sip or two at a cellar as well as sample some signature Georgian bread. Rates start at $22.

Historical Travel Destination: Medieval Trip to Bruges


This tour goes beyond just a look at the architecture with an in depth look at what life was like during the 13th to 15th centuries in this Belgian city. Rates start at $19.

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