I Recreated This Iconic Carrie Bradshaw Outfit

With my daily wardrobe now mostly consisting of "nice" sweats, workout wear, and the sporadic jeans-and-tee-combo (when I'm feeling fancy), it's accurate to say some 80% of my wardrobe is actually being utilized. That's why, to help some of my now-neglected items see daylight once in a while, I like to engage in the occasional grown-up version of dress-up, drawing inspiration from the movies and shows I've been bingeing. And nothing refreshes my creativity or love for fashion like Sex and the City, so naturally my latest outfit roundup emulated my fave fab four.

Yes, like many other SATC fans, I've used this time indoors to revisit the women who left a permanent mark on my closet. In rewatching all six seasons with fresh eyes, I found myself taking notes of all the outfits and moments I can and have recreated myself. For instance, remember Carrie Bradshaw's now-legendary silver Manolo Blahnik peep-toe pumps that were stolen from her friend's party in the Season 6 episode "A Woman's Right To Shoes"? Well, that exact pair was actually my first purchase from the iconic label and decided on as a direct result of the TV moment.

And Samantha Jones' love for monochromatic power suits? Well, they instilled in me a love for bold separates and color-coordinated looks. Even Charlotte York's dainty floral midi skirts and Miranda Hobbes' belted shift dresses have made their way into my closet, leading me to this revelation: Sex and the City taught me how to dress.

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To pay proper homage to the women who shaped my early views of fashion, I decided to recreate their quintessential looks with items from my wardrobe. In doing so, I couldn't help but wonder: Will Sex and the City ever lose its magical ability to inspire my style? According to the ensembles below, not likely.

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Sex And The City Outfit: Carrie Bradshaw


Although there are plenty of over-the-top Carrie style moments to choose from, I've been most influenced by her ability to take a seemingly simple ensemble and raise the bar significantly with a great pair of shoes. The aforementioned "Woman's Right to Shoes" episode concluded with an outfit that I'll never stop loving, because I'm pretty sure everyone has a version of it in their closet.

Angela Melero

Sex And The City Outfit: Samantha Jones


In my opinion, Samantha Jones is SATC's style MVP. She took power suiting to colorful and brave new heights and I'm forever grateful for it. Nothing is chicer than some color-coordinated separates and this confident PR boss proves it.

Angela Melero

Sex And The City Outfit: Miranda Hobbes


In revisiting my favorite show, I've come to realization that Miranda Hobbes deserved more credit in the style department. Although she wasn't exactly on the cutting edge of trends, she made practical dressing feel fresh and elevated, especially in the show's later seasons. The high-powered attorney also deserved points for mastering the belted shift dress look, which is definitely making a comeback.

Sex And The City Outfit: Charlotte York Goldenblatt

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SATC's resident "nice girl" stuck to dainty dressing for most of the show (with the exception of her infamous Atlantic City getup in Season 5's "Luck Be an Old Lady" episode). One thing I've noticed in particular is Charlotte's love for floral midi skirts and dresses with sweet detailing like ruffles, bows and lace. Similar to Mrs. York Goldenblatt, I never met a floral skirt I didn't like.

Angela Melero