Why Are Your Favorite Celebs Wearing Pillows Like Clothes?

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Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

Yep, you read that correctly: A bevy of celebs and influencers have taken to the 'gram to post outfits wearing nothing but a bed pillow and some accessories. While stuck at home, some have gotten a little, er, bored with their constant comfy wardrobe of pajamas, tees, and sweatpants. But what's more cozy than lounge-wear, you might ask? If you haven't yet seen the latest viral trend, the Celebrity pillow challenge is rather self-explanatory: Use a belt to fasten a pillow (like, an actual one from your bed) around your waist, accessorize accordingly, et viola! You've literally rolled out of bed and right into fashion's biggest Instagram trends.

Because virtually everyone is holed up in their homes at the moment, it could be presumed that just about any #challenge would grow legs pretty quickly right now. But, even so, probably no one would have predicted one in which famous people are wearing their bedding on the 'gram to reach this kind of momentum. And by that meaning, even top-tier Hollywood royalty Halle Berry has gotten in on the action.

The trend is a no-invite necessary party, as everyone from supermodels to influencers are partaking and as far as personal styling is concerned, anything goes. Fashion favorite Brittany Xavier even incorporated her chic Bottega Veneta chain belt into her pillow dress outfit, while Berry went for a darker vibe with blue and midnight black.

Sure, the mature adult in you is probably concerned that we've officially hit rock-bottom on boredom already, but some light-hearted entertainment might be just what we need right now.

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