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The New Astrology-Themed Beauty Trend For Crystal Lovers To Try

The beauty world may have raised a collective, skeptical eyebrow when crystal-infused skincare first stepped onto the scene, but now, a few short years later, almost everyone I know — including a logic-loving dermatologist — swears by the daily ritual of jade rolling or rose quartz gua sha massage. Keep that in mind when you hear about the latest astrology-themed beauty products on the rise: full moon skincare. Or, to be more specific, skincare potions inspired by, cleansed by, or charged under the glow of the full moon.

Listen, I get that that sounds a little strange — but there’s actually some science behind this new astro-beauty trend. The moon is one of the more powerful celestial objects; at least, in terms of its effect on the earth. Its gravitational pull creates the ocean tides, and is so strong that it’s slowing down the earth's rotation by 2.3 milliseconds per century. That same pull even affects the water found in soil and plants, which scientists call “leaftide,” and serves as the basis for biodynamic farming. Essentially, the moon has an undeniable impact on all earthly things, especially crops and water. Seeing as the human body is roughly 60 percent water, it’s not such a leap to acknowledge that the moon may influence you... and maybe even your natural beauty products.


Of course, how it influences you and your beauty products is less about fact, and more about feeling. “When the moon is full, she is at her peak potency,” Andye Murphy, a shaman who works with beauty brand Mazz Hanna to incorporate moon rituals into its products, tells The Zoe Report. “We use the energy of the moon to amplify ceremony. The full moon is optimal for release, to let go of that which is no longer serving us in the long run.” The full moon is also considered the most powerful time of the month for “cleansing” and “charging,” especially as it relates to crystals, as well as "intention-setting."

“I love to bless my crystals under a full moon,” Murphy says. “Moon-charged crystals represent the union between earth (the crystals) and cosmos (the moon) — you recognize yourself as part of the universe and consciously co-create with the natural forces at work.” This is one major way that skincare companies are incorporating the presumed power of the moon into their offerings, including crystals-meets-CBD brand Mazz Hanna. “Because I have experienced the benefits of moon-charged crystals firsthand, it was important for us to incorporate that element into all of our products,” Hanna tells TZR. Every item in her CBD range features crystals that have been cleansed and infused with intention under a full moon; intention meaning a positive or high vibrational thought.


“Setting intentions and sending positive vibrations can be incredibly powerful,” Hanna continues. “This has been shown in research by Dr. Masaru Emoto.” She’s referring to the book The Hidden Messages in Water, in which Dr. Emoto shares his research on the molecular structure of water. Under a microscope, water that was exposed to positive affirmations was shown to form beautiful crystals, while water that was exposed to negative intentions displayed erratic, less defined crystal formations. “This same idea carries over into infusing products with crystals that are charged with love and light,” Hanna says. Namely, the light of the moon.

It’s a belief that’s echoed by quite a few wellness and skincare brands, including Girl Undiscovered, Sandoval, and Apothecary Company. “By cleansing your stone of choice under a full moon, it can clear a crystal's energy and recharge the positive energies it holds,” Charlotte Devereux, the product director at Girl Undiscovered, which features full-moon-charged crystals in its Under The Waterfall Cleanser, tells The Zoe Report. “We’re so busy in our everyday lives that having a natural element to help slow us down is very important for your state of mind — even the ritual of washing a crystal peacefully under a full moon can have a wonderful, calming effect on you.”


It isn’t just crystals that can benefit from a night out, though. “Moon water” is something that’s been around for centuries (it has roots in medieval witchcraft) but is slowly starting to catch on in modern culture. “Moon water is water that has been infused with an intention or blessing and placed to charge up under a full or new moon,” Murphy explains. Just like moon-charged crystals, moon water is believed to absorb both the ~glow~ of the moon and any intentions set during a full moon ceremony. Personally, I discovered the concept of moon water about a year ago and immediately began incorporating it into my skincare routine — I make mine myself — and it could (totally, probably) be placebo effect, but I swear my skin is more radiant when I wash with moon water. “I think it’s another way for the individual to act consciously and embrace a more intentional way of looking after themselves,” Kimberly Dewhirst, an astrologer and the founder of StarSignStyle.com, tells TZR. Put simply: It's as powerful as you make it.

That being said, there is one legitimate connection between the skin and the moon. The lunar cycle — aka, the time it takes for the moon to transition from full moon to “new moon,” when it’s invisible to the human eye, and back — is 28 days long. According to dermatologists, adult skin cells also take 28 days to shed, renew, and mature, and shed again… and while that might be a coincidence, the mystical-minded maintain it's not. Cult-favorite skincare brand 111Skin is particularly drawn to this line of thinking: Its Lunar 28 Day Brightening and Anti-Aging System reflects the symbiotic relationship of the moon cycle and the skin cycle, providing enough product for a complete 28-day reset.


This 28-day cycle influences biodynamic farming as well, a technique that accounts for the phases of the moon while planting and harvesting. “Many people look at that as woo-woo and spiritual, but it’s scientifically shown to increase microbial activity in the soil,” Elizabeth Candelario, the managing director of Demeter Association, Inc., told Well + Good. Scientific papers have even found that biodynamically farmed ingredients have more nutritional value than their traditionally-grown counterparts. Skincare brand Weleda — that of the celeb-loved Skin Food moisturizer — employs this practice, sowing seeds for some of its star ingredients just ahead of the full moon; as do Dr. Hauschka and Eminence Organics.

If nothing else, growing, harvesting, or charging products in accordance with the cosmos suggests a mindfulness in crafting — you’re not buying something that’s been churned out en masse. “We make and blend everything by hand, consciously and mindfully, so our products are made with a bit more love than if they were produced on an assembly line,” Michael Carbaugh, the founder of Sandoval, tells TZR. “The [full moon] crystals are just one more step of personalizing what we make and adding some positive intention.”

8 Faces Beauty

The concept of full moon skincare may not be one that resonates with everyone… but really, is it any more or less “out there” than reading your daily horoscope, or blaming Mercury retrograde when everything in your life suddenly seems to go wrong? For me, the answer is no. I don’t bathe my face in moon water for the science of it — I do it for the intention behind it. And that makes all the difference.

Ahead, 20 full moon skincare products set to take their rightful place next to your beloved jade roller.

Shop Moon-Inspired Skincare

Empress Oil



"We absolutely look to the moon as an ally in strengthening the potency of our offerings," Wildling tells The Zoe Report. "The wild plants in our formulas are nurtured to fertilize and grow in accordance with nature’s lunar rhythms, and the Empress Oil is also infused with sunstone for several days under the full moon, to capture all its essence."

Lunar 28 Day Brightening and Anti-Aging System



Whether you’re honoring the moon cycle or the skin cycle, this set from 111Skin is bound to change your skin for the better.

Moon Water Magic Tea Tree Oil Face Mist



“I love everything from ILLUUM,” astrologist Dewhirst says. Full disclosure: ILLUUM is my own indie line — but I have to agree with Dewhirst. My Moon Water Magic Tea Tree Oil Face Mist *is* pretty great.

Boundless Solid Oil


8 Faces

The brand name “8 Faces” is a reference to the “eight faces” of the moon, traditionally thought to represent eight goddesses. “In almost every culture, the moon is represented by a goddess or female deity,” Murphy explains. “Her cycles are reliable and offer us reassurance that something bigger than us is in place that can be trusted.”




Take the guesswork out of the latest astrological beauty trend with MoonBox. Each month, MoonBox sends subscribers a curated selection of self-care and skincare products in celebration of the full moon.

New Moon Ritual Kit


La Tierra Sagrada

This kit of hair care products is timed to the new moon (the phase of the moon when it’s naked to the human eye), thought to be the ideal time to plant seeds of intention — even if your intention is just to treat your hair to some lovin’.

Carnelian Infusion Skin Salve


Mazz Hanna

“If you are feeling curious or called to experiment with products charged under the moon, it’s important to give into that to see where it takes you,” Hanna says. “I wasn’t always a believer in these things, but if I didn’t follow my curiosity, but life would be much different than it is now.” Her CBD- and crystal-infused Skin Salve (a game-changer for dry or patchy skin) is proof positive.

Under The Waterfall Crystal Cleansing Water


Girl Undiscovered

“If you feel and believe in the crystal benefits, then you will feel them energetically and see it on your skin,” Devereux says. Test her theory with Girl Undiscovered’s Under The Waterfall Cleansing Water.

Interior Aromatic - Love



“We’re slightly under the radar about our use of crystals, the reason being that we’re not doing this as a gimmick or marketing tactic,” Carbaugh says of Sandoval’s home sprays. “These crystals are simply subtexts to our products, an added bonus.”

Goddess Beauty Balm


Apothecary Company

“I generally charge all of the crystals under the full moon and give them a refresh in the full moon every quarter or so,” the founder of Apothecary Company tells The Zoe Report. Try The Goddess Beauty Balm — infused with rose quartz crystals to promote self-love — to get your glow on.



Moon Bath

“Some believe that the new moon is the time to set intentions — i.e. new intentions, new processes,” Carbaugh says. “We feel connected strongly to the full moon and its energy, so we do our rituals on the full moon. Just like everything, it’s what works best in every situation, there are no finite rules.” Whenever you feel the urge, treat yourself to a Moon Bath Tea, featuring mint and rosemary to support “release.”

Crystal Contour Gua Sha



You can experiment with full moon skincare without buying anything new. Simply charge your gua sha crystal massage tool under the next full moon (May 18) to infuse it with positive intentions.

Fullmoon Serum


Graydon Skincare

Inspired by the glow of the full moon, is infused with vitamin C (for brightening) and malachite crystal (for healing) so you can “make like the full moon and emerge feeling utterly renewed,” according to the product description.

"Turn On The Light" Face Serum


Mahina Beauty

Mahina Beauty formulates all of its products under the new moon. “The belief is that the power of the moon has a cleansing energy,” Dewhirst explains.

Moon Ritual Detox Mask


The Ritual

This “high vibrational beauty ritual” mask features detoxifying clay and stress-reducing amethyst crystals — charged under the full moon, of course — to keep skin calm and clear. “The best part is you don’t really need to believe in anything for its blessing to reach you,” Murphy tells TZR. “I have found most people who create these products do so from a place of genuine offering. We love how they affect us and want to share it (and our excitement!) with others.”

Bad Moon Rising Bath Salts


Wild Honey Botanicals

Since the full moon is often seen as a time of release, it’s the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a relaxing bath — and Wild Honey Botanicals’ Bad Moon Rising Bath Salts, made with biodynamic honey and quartz crystal, is just the thing.

Lunar Bathing Ritual Bath Salt



This “relaxing celestial soak” is one of my personal favorites. I throw a handful into my bath under every full moon and new moon to amplify my ritual.

Skin Food



Weleda products, found at Whole Foods and Amazon, feature ingredients that are grown in accordance with the Maria Thun Biodynamic Calendar. Expect high-quality skincare *and* full moon vibes.

Night Serum


Dr. Hauschka

Not many beauty companies practice biodynamic farming — there are notoriously tough standards to meet — but luxury brand Dr. Hauschuka does. Its Night Serum is a must-try.

Biodynamic Facial Recovery Oil


Eminence Organic Skin Care

“Seeds are planted and crops are harvested following the lunar cycle, so that when the tides are high, roots receive the most moisture and goodness,” Eminence Organics explains of biodynamic farming practices on its site.