8 Astrology-Themed Beauty Products For The Eternal Star Gazers

Milk Makeup

The stars seem to hold all of the answers that many of us seek in our day to day lives. Searching for a new job? Consult your horoscope first. Looking for a new partner? Make sure that their sign is compatible with yours. And astrology isn't all fluff; it's faith — and for some people, checking your daily zodiac forecast is akin to checking the weather — and beauty brands are catching onto the hype. The recent cultural shift toward mainstream astrology is so significant that there are now zodiac-themed beauty products fit for every sign — and every aesthetic, too.

Beauty brands are seeking the help of astrologers to formulate products and create packing based on the consumer's sign. Celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson even sought celestial consultation on launch dates and times, too.

"I have met and spoken with astrologists for many, many years, typically two to three times a year," he tells The Zoe Report. "I knew from the start that I wanted to integrate astrology into my haircare line, now known as STARRING By Ted Gibson. A common misconception is that astrologists are fortune tellers. But astrology can help reveal where the stars are aligned in the universe in a certain moment in time, to help guide certain things like business decisions. For this brand launch, I consulted with an astrologist to help guide and inform me when STARRING should launch, which resulted in April 20, 2018 at 10:25 a.m. PST in Hollywood."

Okay, so maybe every brand doesn't consult as closely as Gibson... but it's nice to know that there are hair, makeup, skin, and fragrance products that are aligned with our signs. Shop some of the best ones, ahead.