The Over-The-Top Eye Makeup Trend I'm Trying This Holiday Season

The weeks ahead are going to be interesting. The stripped-down, bare bones beauty routine I stick to 10 months out of the year will soon fall by the wayside and make room for bold holiday makeup looks — that are all about eyes. Yes, my neutral shadow palettes will be swapped out for vibrant neon options, metallic eyeliner, and all the glitter.

While upping the makeup ante around this time of year is not atypical for me, I normally do so with punchy lipsticks and sultry smoky shadows. That said, thanks to endless inspiration via SS20 runways, red carpet moments, and (of course) my Instagram feed, I’ll be stepping out of my color and texture zone in a big way. I love that the trends this season are essentially new takes on old eye makeup favorites. The classic razor-sharp cat eye becomes exaggerated and dosed in rich jewel tones, charcoal smoky eyes are now candy-coated, and the basic brown, neutral eye looks have a terracotta edge.

Because nothing says holiday makeup like a hefty helping of glitter, I fully plan on embracing this look a way that feels fresh and slightly Euphoria-esque. Celebrity makeup artist Sofia Tilbury recently introduced me to the perfect pink shimmering eye look and my face may never be the same. The rosy sparkle strikes the perfect balance of holiday glam and fairy princess (especially when paired with a glossy nude lip).

To give you a better idea of my holiday vision board will entail, ahead, the five trends I’ll have on heavy rotation for the months ahead. ‘Tis the season to be over the top and I’m here for it.

Metallic Cat Eye

The simple, winged liner look I've embraced for the past decade is going into hibernation for the season as I opt for a more graphic version. To give it some life, I'll be reaching for rich metallic and jewel tones.

All That Glitters

Angela Melero

I will never deny myself a sparkling holiday eye look. This year, I'll take a page from Sofia Tilbury's book and go for perfectly pink Sugarplum Fairy look. The Charlotte Tilbury Makeup artist recently walked me through the ins and outs of shimmering shadow and I'll be adopting her tips all season long. (Pro tip: for a a rich glittery pigment, use your finger to apply your shadow and blend it out with a fluffy shadow brush.)

Cotton Candy Smoky Eye

My new favorite thing involves picking my favorite pastel shade (mint green is a go-to) and washing my lids and lower lash line in it. The beauty of this look is it takes all of five minutes but still delivers maximum impact.


Rich, peachy shades are all the rage this season (according to the runways) and I'm all for it. This look is perfect for those days I just want a little pop of something on my eyes.

Funky Liner

Neon eyeliner is having a moment right now and presenting itself in interesting, art-deco-inspired ways. This season, I'll embrace my inner Picasso and play with shapes and lines, with my eyes serving as my canvas.