The $7 Mascara That Gives Me Runway-Worthy Lashes

by Ruby Buddemeyer
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Despite the fact that my shoebox apartment is chock-full of cosmetics (Marie Kondo would probably be appalled), there's really only one makeup product I can't live without: a super-volumizing mascara. Although the market is saturated with offerings — all of which promise to deliver next-level thickness and definition — I'll be the first to admit that my standards are high when it comes to my lashes, and finding the best volumizing mascaras of 2019 is no easy feat.

I'm of the belief that a quick swipe of mascara can change your entire look. Running off five hours of sleep? Mascara. Snoozed your alarm and late for work? Mascara. It's the quickest and (arguably) the easiest beauty hack in the game. That said, not all mascaras are created equal. I've tried more formulas than I'd like to admit — some great, some not so great, and some rather questionable.

Though everyone has different needs when it comes to mascara, mine are fairly specific. I'm lucky that my lashes are naturally long and curled, but I usually require some assistance when it comes to volume and definition. I don't wear eyeliner or eyeshadow, so I like my eyelashes to be the focal point of my makeup look. Easier said than done, right?

Ruby Buddemeyer

After searching high and low for my match made in mascara heaven, I discovered 10 formulas that meet my expectations and then some. Including new releases from cult-favorite brands like Tarte and Dior, as well as drugstore steals, there's something for everyone in my mascara lineup. Whether you're looking for dramatic lashes to accompany your Friday night smoky eye, or just a simple no-frills formula for day-to-day wear, I've got you covered.

Ahead, the 10 best volumizing mascaras on the market right now, tested and approved by yours truly.

Best For: Clump-Free Volume

Best For: Versatility

Best For: Sweat-Proof Coverage

Best For: No-Makeup Makeup

Best For: Layering

Best For: No-Frills Coverage

Best For: Fanned-Out Lashes

Best For: Dramatic Definition

Best For: Gentle Coverage

Best For: Volume and Length

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