The Unexpected Spring Scent You Need In Your Home ASAP


There are a handful of ways you can get into the seasonal spirit. For some, bringing in the spring vibes means doing a major Marie Kondo-style purge, while, for others, it's adding some trending colors and patterns to your wardrobe. But another way you can bring spring's fresh feeling into your space is by utilizing fragrance strategically. Specifically, the best spring candles are those that will not only freshen up your home, but will also give your mood a lift, calm nervous energy, and even make you feel more grounded.

As an intuitive aromatherapist and creator of essential oil-based product line Life Aromatherapy, Carrie A. Keller not only specializes in unique fragrances blends to suit different needs (like love, joy, or balance, for example) she also does one-on-one readings through which she's able to offer customized suggestions for elite clientele. Her work proves that Keller looks at choosing fragrance as more than just finding something the smells good, but that can also totally change up the atmosphere for the better. "Scents are powerful in environments," she says. "They can have an immediate effect on our mood and energy."

Keller believes each season offers a different energy — and for spring, it's all about rebirth and awakening. "People are often energized come spring," she explains. "It’s a wonderful time to manifest and create. People are generally more productive this time of year. We’ve come out of hibernation and are ready to take on the world!" That said, when it comes to candle fragrances, she's particularly attracted to essential oils (including a few non-floral options you might not typically associate with spring) for their aromatherapy benefits.

So if you're looking for a boost of energy or a little bit of grounding in your home, read ahead for Keller's suggestions on the best candle scents to shop now, including one from her own inspired line.

Rose Geranium & Ylang Ylang

"Soft, warm scents evoke a feeling of comfort and home," Keller says. "Floral scents like rose geranium and ylang ylang evoke a feeling of joy and optimism." That explains why she's included both these essential oils into her own "Love" intention candle.


"I like to use uplifting scents like neroli to keep energy elevated," she says. "It’s such a beautiful, balancing scent."


Spring doesn't have to mean florals. In fact, woodsy scents could be especially great to utilize this season. "Scents like cedar are helpful for grounding," Keller explains. "[It has] a direct effect on the central nervous system and within minutes, evokes a feeling of calm [and is great] during times of transition and change."

Sage and Rosemary

"Herbal scents like clary sage, white sage, and rosemary have a clearing effect and are great [to use] after a spring cleaning," the fragrance expert says. "They can be used as tools to shift the energy of any environment."


"Citrus scents work best for energizing," Keller shares. "I love using [them] whenever I’m feeling fatigue or brain fog. They have an immediate clearing, energizing effect."