This Celebrity Haircut Was The Best Of 2020

Instagram/Demi Lovato
The best celebrity haircuts of 2020.

It's always been clear that people use hair as a way to express themselves, representing on the outside the changes happening on the inside. How else would you describe how it feels to chop off your hair after a breakup, or go from an inky dark shade to platinum blonde? (Then back to brunette a month later.) Unsurprisingly, the best haircuts of 2020 were all about changes: small or big, subtle or completely unmissable. When it felt like the world was moving a million miles per minute, it seemed only natural to change with it, dusting off a throwback hairstyle or springing for bangs out of the blue.

Amongst those that followed along with every celebrity hair transformation, this year will be remembered for short chops, lowering high-maintenance styles, and the summer of at-home color changes. More natural colors did prevail though, as did styles that could be accomplished at home, such as dreamy layers, curly bangs, or the ever-popular lob.

With just a few weeks left in the year (!), keep on reading to review the best haircuts of 2020. Popular and very Instagrammable, these were the looks that defined a year of celebrity stylist house calls, backyard haircuts, and impactful transformation.

The Best Haircuts Of 2020: Pixie Cut

"I did a thing..." Demi Lovato shared via Instagram on Nov. 18, showing off her brand-new blonde pixie cut — complete with a dramatic undercut. In a tumultuous year, something perpetually fresh and classically edgy like a pixie felt right. No wonder it's been sported by Winnie Harlow, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Kylie Jenner.

The Best Haircuts Of 2020: Buzzcut

Think of the buzzcut as the pixie cut, kicked up a few levels. Is it a bold move? Without a doubt, and it'll prove to be one of the most memorable styles of the new decade. "The best part is when water hits my head it feels like kisses from God," Tiffany Haddish shared on IG back in July.

The Best Haircuts Of 2020: Mullet

2020 was the year of the mullet, both by choice and by accident. Though plenty of celebs willingly embraced the business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back style — including Rihanna, Maisie Williams, and Barbie Ferreira. Miley Cyrus lead the pack in January, posting a pic of her choppy blonde mullet on Jan. 6 with the caption, "New hair. New year. NEW MUSIC."

The Best Haircuts Of 2020: Laid-Back Lob

Chrissy Teigen's lob arrived in July, otherwise known as the month anyone with hair below their shoulders was considering cutting it off. The easy-to-dress up style proved to be a favorite of the celebrity circuit this year, as well: Venus Williams, Gabrielle Union, and Khloé Kardashian all tried one bob length or another.

The Best Haircuts Of 2020: Textured Bangs

A year of WFH hair reintroduced the beauty of naturally textured bangs — after months without access to a salon probably inspired you to cut your own bangs in the first place. Hair straighteners and heavy products were skipped in favor of wavy, curly, and coily fringe à la Selena Gomez's Rare style.